Nope!  Not me.  Judy the Labrador Retriever.  When she came to live at that home, she was already named.   A puppy yet, but already named.  Judy was sweet and wonderful.  I only got to see her four or five times in her lifetime, but it was always a joy to have her around.  In her early days, whenever I visited at her home, I had to sleep on the sofa because all the bedrooms were taken.  But that's ok.  Except for one thing.  The sofa was Judy's bed!  And Judy was not about to give it up.  So, in the middle of the night I was always awakened by heavy body weight on my legs. It was not a sofa bed and didn't pull out, so I couldn't move, I couldn't turn over, I could only suffer through it.  It was HER bed, after all!  I was the intruder, but at least she was generous enough to share. 

When Judy first came to that home, she was loved so much by the human mom and the human kids.  But the human dad was a little "different" than most of us.  When Judy once tried to get out of the fence, his idea of teaching her to stay inside it was to pick her up and throw her at the fence.....body slam!  I am horrified to this day to even think of that.  And, when the human dad got into one of his cowboy John Wayne modes, he would shoot Judy's back side with BB's.  My heart still hurts over that.  The human mom could do nothing.  There was a control freak in the home!  It was one of the reasons she left one day, and took Judy with her!

Anyhow, Judy was never a bad dog.  She played with the kids, slept with anyone who would have her (130 pound bed hog she was!), and in general just tried to love everyone.  The only time I ever, ever heard her growl was when she got old, and someone gave her a bone.  Boy, you'd better not touch that bone!  That was HER bone!

 For the past couple of years, since she lost her human mom, she has been living with someone who cared very much about her and took good care of her.  Last week, Judy went to Doggie Heaven.  She was about 14 or so years old, pretty old for a Lab.  But for the majority of her life, she was loved and pampered.  She is with her human mommy now, and her human granddaughter.  I can imagine they are running through fields of clouds, throwing cloud frisbies and picking cloud daisies. Don't you think?

Snoozing Judy in her elder years

So......I know I have been gone for quite awhile but I am trying to get my life together, get my muse back,
do SOMETHING!!!  Today, I played photographer and here are a few
photos I took.
A photographer I am not, and my camera is simple with no special filters, lens, buttons, etc.  But here they are anyway, unretouched (except for cropped).  Hope you enjoy.




  1. Oh I am so sorry about Judy. It is always so sad losing a family pet member. They are like your own children. I'm truly sorry she was treated the way she was by that person who shot at her and banged her up against the fence. He should have been turned in for doing something so terrible as that. At least Judy is now with her parents and resting happily so in doggie heaven. She probably already met my Chorizo sharpei/chow who has been there since 2007 and is still missed so much. Very nice post.
    Your photo's are great, I love how everything is so translucent and the colors speak. Thanks so much and again my condolences for your friend.

  2. I'm sorry about Judy. Reading about her earlier life made me sad....and mad that someone would treat her so badly. Thank goodness she didn't have to live that way forever. She learned there are people who are good to animals.

    Your photos are so cool! I love the second one down with the orange-y background. Beautiful!!

  3. Judy sounded like a wonddrful dear loving dog...I, like you, want to think she is with her Human Mommy, too....
    Thanks, my dear, for your kind words regarding Betty....

  4. I am so pleased that for the majority of her life she was loved and pampered, but like dear Judy I'm getting growly and sleepy these days too - and I hog the bed! It seems you've been having fun playing photographer. Enjoy your week Judie. I was excited that you'd paid a visit over at Textilosophy.x

  5. Judy is now with her loving family. I'm sure they are all having a wonderful time.
    Your photos are very interesting. A good study in light and texture.

  6. Hugs to you. We love our pets here too and that is such a hard thing to have happen.

  7. I just feel so sad that mean people are cruel to innocent animals. Luckily Judy went with her human mom and lived a happy life. May she rest in peace when she's not chasing frisbees.
    Judie how do you photograph fractals? Looks like fun and such a pretty project.


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