Have you ever watched the clouds and seen faces, animals, other objects?  Sure, we all have.
Sometimes I sit in a chair and stare at the faux marbled tile on the floor (well, don't ask which "chair!") and see many, many faces in the swirls and whirls.  But I just note them and pass on to the next subject on my mind.

Today I was sitting in a chair just staring out the window at the beautiful day.  I was watching thru the areca palm fronds which block my view out the front window.  Suddenly I saw this face.  Hmmmmm, I thought.  I have never tried to draw any of the imaginary things I see in the trees and clouds and floor.  I thought if I leaned over to get my sketch pad out of the closed footrest in front of me, the imaginary face would disappear and I'd never see it again.  You know, optical illusion, etc.  I got my pad and pencil, and it was still there.  I didn't have a bit of trouble finding it again.  So I began to draw, looking at the face and only glancing at my drawing to be sure I wasn't drawing on my lap instead.  This is what I captured.

The scribbles represent all the palm fronds that created the shadows around this face to form the shape.  The lighter places are where the sun was filtering through. 
I think he looks so sad.  


  1. Hi Judie. Hope all is okay. How strange the things we is in places. I am the same way. Even on journal pages that I prep, faces appear or bodies and I always have to outline them. Makes you wonder. The face does look sad, perhaps a reflection of how you are feeling? Smile and try to be happy, it is what is best. We only have this one life on earth and we have to roll with the punches no matter how hard they strike us. Have a good Friday and weekend. Thanks for sharing

  2. There are faces in the lace curtains, in the ceiling swirls,in the rocks,in stains, shadows on the sidewalk, just about everywhere. Sometimes they look so real it almost scares me...then I have to smile because I know it's just my imagination. Big hugs and smiles to you Judie
    hope the next face you see is a happy one!

  3. I see faces - people and animals, in a lot of odd places...I don't think I've ever tried drawing them, though - at least, unless they were shapes showing up in the paint that was already on the paper or canvas or something, that is.
    As for this one you found, I wonder if maybe it's a palm tree sylph. Hmm...
    p.s. Four paint 'n' passes are on their way to you, now - at last!

  4. interesting post! Im sorry ive been slacking a little on the blog, Lorna was here for a bit and i only see her once in a few years.. xx Kai


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