Is that the right word for a mishmash of things?  That's what this post is.  A little of this and that.  After this, I'll be gone from posting for a little while, because I joined that Fiction Project, like the Sketchbook Project that some people did, and I HAVE TO GET STARTED!!!  I only have until the end of April to write (HANDWRITE)  and illustrate a book, so to speak.  So that's where I'll be.  Oh sigh....why did I do that?

FLOWERS:  Right now it is raining cats and dogs and frogs and it is very dark out, but that's ok.  The plants need it badly.  Here are some of my white birds, which I'm sure are gratefully lapping up the raindrops.

DOVES (AGAIN) For the last two years, and now three, I have been graced with mother dove building a nest on my porch light.  She is not frightened away when we open the door.  She does not fly when we talk to her or get close with the camera.  Yesterday I went out and noticed she looked really puffy sitting on that nest.  I thought she must have hatched a chick.  Today I saw this. 

Good grief!  This baby is almost ready to fledge.  Where has she been hiding it?  Then a little later I saw this:
No wonder she looked so puffy!  Amazing how fast these babies grow.
Mom taking a break.  I feel blessed to have this dove be so trusting to put her nest right by my door.

MACAW:  OK Here is a story that makes me unhappy and happy at the same time.  Ms. Wee is now 18 years old.  That's a long, long time for her to think I'm her mommy.  Most macaws in the wild leave the nest and mom at about two years.  I have been feeling sooooooooo guilty and thought Ms. Wee needed to live with other birds, especially when she is in her season and all funky smelling! I was willing to give her up (a momentary laps of sanity, no doubt) if and only if she could live in a sanctuary forever and never, never be sold or caged at the hands of a strange person.  Well, I visited the sanctuary, and there is NO WAY she will go live there.  Those birds are NOT happy.  They are caged, separately,  and ignored except at feeding times.  Nope.  Ms. Wee will live with me as long as I am physically able to care for her.

I can see her out the window when she is on the porch, and she can look inside and know there is someone there who loves her. She has a soft rope ring she likes to nap in.
She has a rope to climb down and she can come in the house any time she feels like it if she is tired of being on the porch.  If the door isn't open, she just makes herself known (lol) and I open the door.
She does like to be on the porch.  If I am working at my art table she can watch me.  Those are all my pencils, etc. on the window sill inside.  She watches me like a hawk, too! My little forever birdie!

ART FACES:  So, now I have a few faces to post.  Just practice work.  I was using oil pastels, pastels, and charcoal.  They are all unfinished, and I will probably use them for collage work some day. This is just for fun.

MMMMM SNIFF:  My house smells so good right now.  I am simmering orange peels, cinnamon sticks and cloves.  I had to do something!  We had shrimp for lunch.  You know what fish does to your home!

So, now I have to work.  That is, do the work I brought home from the office early this morning.  Since I was not able to sleep last night until 3 a.m. (why???????) I will be too tired to start my Fiction Project today.  It's already 5:30.  But tomorrow I don't work, so I'll be able to get started.

Oh wait, dearest other half said we have to get the tax papers prepared tomorrow for the tax guy.   Oh nooo!!  Why, why did I sign up for that project?



  1. I sympathize with you and the writing project. I'm constantly doing that to myself. I sign up for things on the spur of the moment and then later regret it. Do I learn? NO!

    Your faces look great....and I think Ms Wee looks happy right where she is.

  2. I thought the same thing after signing up for the Sketchbook Project. But in the end, I'm glad I did it.
    I think that after all that time, it would be hard for Ms. Wee to get used to someone else. I'm glad you decided to keep her for a little while longer.

  3. I love hodgepodge posts. Your plate is full of good stuff. The white birds are gorgeous,the Dove's nesting at your door (Dove's are a symbol of Peace,) Mz.Wee is staying home,you are writing and illustrating a book, and you have your own Face Book ~whew~ anything else?
    Oh yeah...your house smells like Martha's!
    xx love you

  4. Peace love and blessings the message from the doves!I have a family building their nest out over the patio fan..and I'm leaving tomorrow!!
    Sure hope the new renters are kind to the family.
    Oh Miss Wee...is gorgeous. She is blessed to have you care...it is sad to see caged birds in those places!!
    Waving for the last time from the desert! Whaaaa..see ya soon from my Canadian woods. xo

  5. Good luck with your project.

    I guess the doves know you are "good people". What a treat to be able to watch them up close.

  6. AWee, love Miss Wee. I remember her bath tub antics. I love that your doves are back Judie. xx

  7. Hi Judie, I was just checking your blog out via our new connection on Flickr and I see that we have man mutual friends (Janet, Gemma, and Anna to name a few).

    I was so surprised to see this white Bird of Paradise. I always think of my mother when I see these gorgeous flowers and also when I see shy and quiet violets. I've seen white violets before but NEVER a white Bird of Paradise.


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