Taking a short break here from The Fiction Project, plus other things needing done in daily life.  I love getting surprises.....I mean TOTAL surprises......in the mail.  And a few days ago I got one.  From glitter sister Kai.  It's a designer version of Ms. Wee.  Who could ask for a better surprise!

I think this pen and ink and color pencil art is absolutely beautiful, just like my Mz. Wee. Look at the tiny, hanging heart.  My heart belongs to Ms. Wee.    Thank you Kai.  You are soooooooooo appreciated!!!

Remember Ms. Dove from last post?  Her two babies have fledged and flown away already, and she is starting on her second clutch.  She sits up there on top of the porch light looking so peaceful and happy. I envy her!

A note about The Fiction Project.  Whew!  Almost done! That's a LOT of handwriting!   Here is a sampling...just one page of a story and a piece of art to go with it.  The art is unfinished.  I'll  doll it up and add some embellishments when I'm all done with the writing part. Saddest part......they asked us NOT to use glitter!  Can you imagine?  They don't want it falling all over.  NO GLITTER???  Well, ok, I'll use glitter glue.  That doesn't come off. 

Today is one year since we lost our granddaughter Kara.  A whole year.  I know my daughter is going through a terrible day because I remember the first year after I lost Aleta.  It was awful.  It still is.  There is always a "first" something; first anniversary, first Christmas, first birthday, first Easter, etc. etc.  Then there is the "second".  And so on.  It NEVER goes away, but it does get a little bit easier to handle as time goes on.  I still cry almost daily and my heart squeezes up and hurts really  bad.  I miss my daughter Aleta SO much!   But my tears now are short lived and I can force my mind elsewhere  and go on.    Alecia is much stronger than I am/was, and she told me she is "ok".  I'm so sad for her. Life is not fair.

Back to work.


  1. Judie you are amazing. My admiration for you is HUGE. I'm sending a hug to you and Alecia. xxxxxxxRay

  2. Kai's art is beautiful and such an honor to
    Mz Wee. Bravo for you taking on this writing project. Sounds good so far Judie.
    Love to you every single day and extra love on those saddest of anniversaries.

  3. Sorry for the sadness you feel. I know the feeling. I do think though that the project is great for you, especially on the days when memories are so alive. Thoughts are with you. I do have to say that I enjoyed the page you wrote and hopefully "Sara" will pursue her dreams despite everything else. Take care.

  4. I'm glad the Artsy Ms Wee made you happy :) It just seemed like the thing to send..lol. I finished my fiction project and all I can say is OMG, my hand is about to drop off!!! Thank heavens I'm ambidextrious!
    Can you add me to your friends in there? Im under KaiBlue.

  5. I continue to think of you and the losses of your precious daughter. I still return to your early account of it. Life has no guarantees to be fair. Life often just requires courage and faith.


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