Ok you know me, the bird freak!  But I don't think I ever told you about Simon and his family.  It's a story that must be told because it's just too sweet. 

When I married my better half around 20 years ago he had baggage.  The baggage came in a cage and it was naked.  Well, almost!  Her name was Goldie, and like some captive birds,  for unknown reasons she had plucked herself.  No matter.  She was dearly loved anyway. She was a Jendae Conure with a big, golden head, and a sweetie she was!

When her "daddy" napped on the couch, she would lie on her back on his chest and nap with him.  I have a photo somewhere but can't find it.

Of course I was jealous to not have a bird that loved me just as much, so one day we went to the flea market and found a birdseller and got Simon, a Sun Conure.  We always called him a bagbird because we brought him home in a paper bag.

Simon thought he was very cool!

And he was.

He went everywhere with me.  In the car, to the beach, visiting.  He waited on the dash of the car while I ran into the 7-11. He showered with me.  He followed me like a puppy when I went walking on the beach, running along behind with his little legs pumping like a sandpiper.
 He waited around while I sunbathed (remember this was YEARS ago, I dont even DARE put on a bathing suit now!   Everybody would flee the beach!)

He gave me morning kisses  :)

But then one day he remembered Goldie lived there too, and she was much cuter than me, not to mention that she was naked!  Who could resist?

So Simon and Goldie became a couple.

  They must have been fooling around when we were not watching, because one day I found Goldie in the bottom of the cage surrounded by torn-up papers, sitting on an egg!  Well, needless to say I was brushed aside and Simon became the doting husband.  One day not long after,  we heard this little "peep" "peep" sound,  and were actually lucky enough to watch this baby bird hatch.  Of course, we had to name him Peep Peep.

Because he was a cross between a Jendae and a Sun Conure, he was a Sundae Conure.
Baby Peep Peep before all his feathers grew in.
And then there were three.
"Oh yawn, photo shoots are so boring."
(notice Simon is yawning)

We became observers while this family tended to their baby.  They taught Peep Peep to climb the rope up and down their cage so he could wander.  Simon would run after him if he got too far from home and scold him, then Peep Peep would run back home, climb the rope with Simon scolding the whole time, and fall into his mothers arms......uh......wings.  It was a total delight to watch this family interact.

Eventually I lost Simon.  It was a hard, hard lesson to learn, but I think he may have chewed on some of the chipping paint in the old, old, old apartment we lived in,  probably a hundred layers of leaded paint.  I cried for a month when he went to birdie heaven.    Goldie and Peep Peep followed him a few years later, and I can imagine that proud Simon is loving them and bossing them around still. 

Proud Simon


  1. What a beautiful story! And how fortunate of you to be witness to this beautiful family.

  2. I just read your other blog. What a beautiful daughter you had. Aleta. I am so sorry. May God bless you.

  3. Hi Judie. Wonderful story! Loved it! We have conures. My husband does, that is. He raises them and sometimes they live, sometimes they don't. When they survive, he sells them to the feed store. I don't do birds, I do like them though. Your birds were beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story. Have a great week.

  4. Such a very sweet story...All three of these dear Birds were BEAUTIFUL! I know it had to be so incredibly hard when Simon went to Vird Heaven. There is no relplacing a loved one when they passon...I'm just glad you had him in your life and Goldie and Peep Peep, too....!

  5. Ahhh Judie that is precious. What a sweet little bird family....and great story. You must have had fun watching bird antics. It's cool to hear about how things were back in the day. Hey I have an idea...we should put on our swim suits (mine is hideous)and go to the beach. Everyone would leave and we could have it all to ourselves.

  6. hello, again, dear long-lost glitter sister! lovely to be found by you again - thanks for leaving a blog comment :) and thank you for this great story - and get pics!
    HUGS from over the ocean xx


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