Last Friday I went to Winter Park to the Fiction Project event, held at Full Sail University. Their library was closed for renovation so they held the event in their Live Auditorium.

This is a beautiful campus.  The university's curriculum is digital art, music (sound and light equipment instruction) and filmmaking.

If you want to be a tekkie in one of those fields, this is the place to study.  A perfect setting for the Art House Coop traveling art and literature project.

I didnt get many photos because I was too busy devouring these delightful books,  but I did get to meet Eli, one of the founders of Art House Coop.  The checkout process was fast and professional.  Art House Coop really has their ducks in order!!  I checked out Kai's  book.  I had stopped in nearby Apopka to pick up my cousin who was delighted to look at these wonderful books.

My adorable cousin and me (also adorable!)

I didnt know who else had participated in this project or I would have been really happy to look up their books.  I guess I should have gone better informed. If the next tour comes close, I will definitely, without a doubt, go again!  If it comes near you, it is worth a trip to check it out.

And the Fiction Project.  Don't miss it!

After I came home, I did get a couple of emails telling me people had checked out my book (other than me!).  Even though it wasnt a lot, I was thrilled nevertheless that someone would take the time to look it over.

My Book

80 pages of short stories, poetry and illustrations.

I am glad I participated.


  1. How exciting! I think it's great. Congratulations and the picture of you and your cousin is adorable.:) I'd love to read some of your writings. I've heard of the Sketchbook Project and it sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  2. I looked up the tour dates. Was sad to find it won't be coming here. Will you be getting your book back? Did you take pictures of all of your pages? This was a fantastic project. So glad you participated in it. Love the title of your book and knowing you it is full of precious writing and cool stuff. BTW Love Kai's too! Awesome eh?

  3. Congratulations on completing the book. I am sure more will visit it. The title in appealing.

  4. How cool! Not only did you participate in the project but you also got to see some of the others. You should be very proud to have done this. Your art and writing are always good so I'm sure everyone has enjoyed your book.


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