I CAN'T RESIST........

.............showing pictures of Ms. Wee.  I call her Mrs. Beautiful. Here she sits on the front window sill watching a flock of Ibis that come frequently to get the bugs out of our lawn.  She will sit entranced while they are out there.  When they march down the street out of sight, she is ready to get off the window sill.  

She also likes to play "peek-a-boo"

Here she sits like  "the Queen she is" on her new cage in her corner of the kitchen right next to the window.    She lived
free" for 18 years and I was afraid to cage her, but she took right to it (as long as I leave the door open frequently) and stays close to "home".  Now, I don't have to worry when I go out.  Just lock her in, turn on some music,  and she naps til I come back.  She is happy with her new home.  The first few days she had it, she refused to "use the bathroom" in it.  She waited til I let her out then used her free standing perch.  Didn't want to mess up her house.  I am so happy she likes her new home.  So much easier for me to clean, too.
Isn't she just too pretty?

This little guy is a baby dove that I found on my porch yesterday.  He came from another nest on my porch light.  He seemed tiny, but fine, so we put him back in the nest since mom was absent.  But this morning, he was back on the porch floor dead.  I don't know what happened.  Perhaps the fall from the nest hurt him and mom shoved him out when he died.  You think? He has a bigger sibling.

These are my Lakeshore Jasmine trees.  They bloom and bloom and bloom.  One day it was windy and all the blooms fell off.  It looked like snow.  Under these trees is a little pet cemetary.  This is where Yellabird and Otherbird are buried, and now Baby Dove has joined them. 
It looks peaceful there.


  1. Your bird is a delight. Too bad about the wee duck. It is very hard to take care of wild animals. They are best with their parents. I have a friend that unsuccessfully tried to nurse five your mice.

    I hope the hurricane coming your way does not cause you any problems.

  2. Love the photos of Ms. Wee. She is gorgeous!
    I once heard that you're not supposed to take baby birds in your bare hands because the mother will not recognize its sent. Not sure if it's true though.

  3. Ms.Wee is an absolutely beautiful bird. Love her quirky personality too. I see you Ms Wee! MUAH.
    I understand her not wanting to mess up her new house like that either.How lovely and peaceful it looks under the Jasmine trees. Does it smell as sweet? Extra special love and hugs to all at your house.

  4. Miss Wee is BEAUTIFUL! Love the way she was peeking around the corner there...lol...Sweet!

    Sad about that dear Baby Bird....


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