Against the wind she flew,
Magnificent golden feathers slick against a slender body,
Sparkling wings pumping in perfect unison,
Catching the cold updraft,
Lifting her higher and higher into the low-hanging clouds.

Glancing at the glistening snow peaks far below,
Telescopic eyesight searching for dark movement against brilliant snow.
Hungry, scanning the panorama carefully,
Remembering the last attempt,
Failed, defeated.
A parent fox too watchful over its baby.

Finally, a shadow.
 A hare traveling swiftly over frozen landscape.
Golden bird angles her body quickly to drift lower,
Down, down, out of the clouds.
Silent glide taking her low over the unaware hare.
Stretching talons, powerful swoop.
Making contact.

Wings pumping hard she rises high again
Into the wind.
Talons clutching tightly into hare’s bleeding flesh,
Turning easily toward the distant cliff face
To the nest.


  1. beautiful Judy. a mother looking after her babies. natures way xo

  2. Judie
    Before we can soar, we must hunt,we must make sure everyone has been fed. And that's the Truth!
    Your words are so descriptive I felt I was there with her. Your art is intense and gorgeous. Love those eyes.

  3. So impressive!! Lovely illustration too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Beautiful words and image, Miz Judie.
    Thinking of you and hoping you're staying safe and sound. xoxox

  5. Really Beautiful, my dear....I could see her and feel her "need" to get food for those babies....Love the drawing, too!

  6. A bitter sweet reality in the world of Nature some are sacrificed so others will survive.
    Your drawing speaks volumes and the poem riveting.

  7. Wow! Love the drawing and the poem!

  8. Beautiful poem and amazing eagle!


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