I like going to estate sales.  Especially if they are in an upscale neighborhood.  One can find special treasures  by shopping carefully.  They don't have to be expensive treasures.  If you remember Adelaide, I got her at an estate sale.  When I cleaned her up, she was absolutely beautiful, and now has a  permanent home on the bed in my guest bedroom. 

So I went last weekend to another estate sale.  A beautiful home, on a lake, with a pool in a huge screened area.  Lovely place.  And this is the treasure I found.

I have a small collection of these ceramic scent balls.  I don't know what else they are called.  Potpourri holders?  Closet smeller gooders?  Whatever. Please tell me if you know.  I love them but they are so hard to find, and when I do find one I just get all excited like I've come across a chest full of gold!  This one came from England.

Here are my others, so far only six.

The yellow one is a bit wompy-jawed, but I like it anyway.

This green one with the bird sits by my bed, with a cotton ball inside sprayed with the last of my daughter Aleta's perfume.  After three years, it still smells wonderful, and sometimes in the middle of the night when an air current flows through the room, I awaken when the gentle fragrance envelopes my senses.  

But I think this one is my favorite.  It has paintings on all four sides.

So, there you have my little treasured collection.  Now, if you happen to have one of these and want to get rid of it, you know who would be thrilled to have it! 

Until next time.....xoxoxo 


  1. I think you should go with closet smeller gooders! That's the perfect name for them.

    You have a beautiful little collection. If I ever come across one I'll grab it for you.

  2. I think that these beautiful spheres are called pomanders. what a lovely collection you have!
    much love,
    Franki V and retired postie:-)

  3. Oh just beautiful. Yes they are scent holders I think. Lucky you. ah I see that Franki says they are Pomanders, there you go. Yay, a name for them. Really nice Judie, love them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yay! I can comment here today. The secret is I can comment when I am in google chrome. Explorer is messing with my blogger I guess. Anyway what I want to say is this is a very pretty collection. Amazing how a lovely scent can wake up our emotions and memories. Love you Judie

  5. Beautiful pomander collection, Judie (I like closet smell gooders too! ;) I have a little bottle of my mom's cologne that I sometimes take a little sniff to walk down memory lane with it - that's a good idea, keeping a little of it in one of these. My closet could use smelling gooder! xOx


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