They tell me to still my mind

and I will feel an angel hover near my heart,

reaching out to my spirit,

helping to carry me through another day.

But I have never seen

nor felt

the power of an angel.

I’m told by some who say they know,

that angels all have wings.

So I close my eyes to see this glory,

to feel the whisper against my cold cheek,

to be enveloped by the softness

and feel the anguish wilt away,

set me free again

and let my heart soar to music and color,

and people and life once more.

"Trust”, my people say.

“Trust the angels. They are always near.

Freely give your heart, your inner self to the spirit.

Let the light come through you.”

But I have never seen

nor felt

the power of an angel.



How far can the caged bird fly?
He lifts his wings,
reaching up,
his heart is free.
He tries to go,
but steel bars hold him ever low.

How high can the caged bird fly?
Through clouds and winds
to tops of trees.
Close the eyes,
feel the pull of changing air currents
lifting him ever higher
to the top of the world

and the edge of the universe.
In his dreams.


  1. Beautiful words judie. I love your way with words. Will you be doing a shrine/altar this year? It would be nice if you would think of joining us in remembering our loved ones now gone. We do this every year and share pictures of our altars/shrines for our families. It's helps our well being. In any event, you take care and smile.

  2. I hope one day you see and feel an angel. They lurk everywhere, they even shine through others, and creativity. Beautiful words, lovely sketches too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. We are sometimes unaware of the angels in our lives. They are near but maybe we need to turn our heads slightly to see and feel them. The angel in your sketch seems to be hiding....but she is there.
    As always Judie,I love your thoughts and the way you convey them and your art.
    Love you
    <3 gemma
    ps glad you left the anon capibility since blogger is still out to lunch

  4. You write so beautifully and from the heart. Your sketches are perfect for your poems.

  5. The birdcage is my fav drawing. It reminds me of the style of Elizabeth Graeber on Flickr. Writing poetry is so therapeutic. And the re-reading of what we have written and love is even more so.

  6. Both your drawings and words are so beautifully heartfelt, Judie. Sometimes the angels touch and leave their messages so very, very gently and quietly, it can be hard to feel or see - as Gemma said, almost as though they're hiding -- but I truly believe, even when we don't know it,they are there. Maybe just a featherlight touch or a whisper in the wind, but there, just the same...Hugs to you~xoxoxox


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