Postcards..... from an estate sale of a house built in 1918,  Amazing place in its time,  never updated.  Walking through this house was like going back in time, with kitchen cabinets to the high ceiling, sinks wide as a bathtub, cascading staircase with a Steinway at the bottom, a fireplace surrounded with gorgeous hand-made tiles.  Secret closets, built-in bookshelves in almost every room loaded with old, old books, servant quarters in a separate building out back beyond the pool, greenhouses, everything!    Owned by a doctor who passed at age 103 and her husband who was famous for his Bromilliads   Postcards all came from museums visited worldwide.  I could have browsed all day just through the postcard boxes! 

The Adoration of the Three Wise Men - da Fabriano
The Annonciation - Simone Martini
French, can't read it, but looks like an old kiln by the pottery on the table.  Notice all the firewood in the background.
Madonna of the Grand Duke - Raffaelo
St. John the Baptist - Andrea del Sarto
The Maddalena - Carlo Dolci
This one takes my breath away.
Such beauty, such softness, such expression!

Just details, I know. And there are more, but this is already art overload.


  1. Oh how lucky to have such postcards. Love it! I once went to an estate sale where this lady had a box in her hands ready to pay and it to was filled with old postcards. I've got to get out to estate sales and such. It's been a while. Love your cards. Awesome. The Maddalena I really love. Take care Judie, hope all is going well.

  2. Sounds like just the kind of place I love to browse through. When you said old books my heart skipped a beat! And the postcards are gorgeous. You don't see them like this anymore. I'm sure they're even better in person.

  3. Yes! The Maddalena has such passion.These are all phenomenal!
    I love love love these kinds of art adventures. I probably could spend a lifetime thrilling through these. Love you.

  4. The times I've said "what a fascinating estate sale" I could count on one hand. I always live in hope and am usually disappointed. I would have loved to have been there, learning all about the history and discovering interesting things. Thanks for sharing. It's was the next best thing to being there...and 103 years old - wow.


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