Dusk, and street lights begin to illuminate the near surroundings .
Long grass stems missed by the mower shadow across the lawn,
Palm shadows compete in the evening dance on the porch wall,
Undulating gently in the southern spring breeze.
A wind chime tinkles softly.

Silently, a bunny hops near the walkway and stops,
Sitting there as if entranced by the night shadows,
Snacks on something in the weedy lawn; heather maybe?
I watch to be sure it doesn’t nibble my newly planted Lantanas.
A dog walker causes it to quickly disappear into the hedge.

Cricket sounds erupt somewhere close by in the foliage
But they hide their singing selves from my inquisitive eyes.
The peepers across the street have a full chorus,
Somewhere in the distance a small dog barks
And a chuck-will’s-widow repeats his nightly echoing call.

Come sit with me in the porch rocker.
Listen to the night sounds.
Listen to the silence.
Be one with nature for a moment or two.
Find peace in your heart.


  1. I read this and it makes me think of the little used front porch. The park across from my house needs an admirerer.

  2. This is so beautiful and takes me back to my childhood when everyone sat out on the front porch. I miss that friendly interaction, and I also miss the silence in the evenings...and lightening bugs!

  3. Sitting on the front porch with you, watching the full moon rise, enjoying the throb of the Universe,natures music,feeling at home with you there. peace and Love to you Judie....and I hope you have something good to eat with no calories.(I've been on a diet all week)
    Love your beautiful writing.

  4. This is wonderful! I felt like I was right there with you---and could see and here all the sounds of the images of nature that you described...
    Really Lovely!
    Enjoy the Holiday Weekend!

  5. A beautiful piece of front porch magic. You've mentioned all the things I love, windchime, rabbits, crickets, stillness.
    Listening to the silence can be sometimes melancholic, at other times just what we need, and at others a quiet break when we receive answers we're looking for.
    Such a lovely piece of writing.

  6. Love the front porch magic. My only problem with having Eric is he always goes out with me and scares the wild life away. XOXOXO


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