How many times have I posted about Ms. Wee's antics? 
 She is up to no good again, and this is too, um,  "cute"  not to share.

The naughty Ms. Wee has dragged the toilet tissue from the bathroom, through the laundry room, through the kitchen, and was headed to her cage (her house) with it when it broke, so she decided to dismantle it.  Grrrrr!  It is still attached to the roll waaaaaaay back there.
She drags a lot of stuff to her house.
A washrag from the bathroom. She climbs up the shower curtain to reach it.
A small throw rug.
The dog's soft toys.
The placemats from the dining room table.

Why do I put up with this behavior?
Cuz' I love her, of course!
She turned 19 last week.  Nineteen years since we purchased that egg that turned into this beloved, beautiful creature that brings me so much joy and love, and yes, sometimes misery and frustrations but......isn't she cute?


UPDATE ON MRS. DOVE (from 4/21 post)

The planter nest is empty.  Just as she started to settle down, Mr. Crow paid a visit and frightened her away.  But I would rather that then have him discover her after she had eggs, which he would steal.  Well, now maybe I can get those philodendrons to flourish.  I'm leaving the tiny nest there to remember her.  


  1. Hi Judie, I love parrots anf have enjoyed a few of them and even gotten a nip or two. Amazing how strong those beaks are. Ms. Wee is so much fun. I would not complain either. Children are like that - good aa gold until they aren't and we love them through it all.

    Perhaps the doves will return. We've had similar experiences happen here and sometimes the doves return to try again.

  2. At first I thought it was a doggie who made this mess. tee hee. I laughed when I found out it was your parrot. How funny Ms. Wee is. I agree about the doves. They may come back. They never forget where they started from. Judie, yes I have read Grapes of Wrath and decided to re-read it, so I downloaded it on my Kindle to get to it when I finish what I'm reading now, which is the bio of Margaret Thatcher. Have a wonderful day and thx for stopping by my blog.

  3. Judie! Ms. Wee is 19yrs!!! How blessed you are!
    Too cute this post is!! I am just picturing here dragging that paper around!! Well it is a time of "fluffing up the nest" Spring cleaning!!
    LoVeD this Wee post! :) xo

  4. Ms Wee seems to be a handful! But I'm sure she keeps you entertained as well as busy cleaning up after her!


  6. The things we put up with for love! Your Ms Wee is delightfully funny.

  7. Gotta love Miss Wee and her antics. <3

  8. Oh how cute!
    We had a cat that pulled the paper from the roll still attached in the bathroom, through the hall, down the stairs and into the kitchen at our house in the Poconos. Then she made a mess shredding it. AH, but I loved her to pieces. Had that cat 21 years!
    Thanks for dropping by! Come back again...

  9. Hi Judie. I so relate. Little Mister (aka Delaware) our Chihuahua puppy finds paper and turns it into confetti. He has turned a tree stump into a chew toy and the chewed up remains land on my family room floor. Gotta love him anyway.

  10. Thanks for coming by Judue...It has been a long time since you posted.
    I dearly appreciate your kind words about my brother, my dear....It is a very difficult time. And I know you truly understand. Hope you are having a good summer!

  11. Hi Judie. Hope all is well with you. I think of you from time to time. Thank you for stopping by my PPF. I appreciate your kind words. Just wanted to say hi and to tell you I haven't forgotten you or about you. Take care.

  12. Ms Wee is soOOOooOoooO cute!!! How could YOU be mad at her? hehe
    well, Andrew is back by a Wild card, let's hope he doesn't choke again! I actually missed the episode that he choked!! He makes one
    nervous, I hope the best for him!! If he doesn't win, someone needs to take him under their wing because he does have talent!!!!

  13. Oh no, Mz Wee is a....could it be....is it possible....A hoarder? ha! She is a very clever bird!
    The aftermath looks like something our dog Sadey would do only with paper towel...


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