Waiting is not my forte.  I am impatient for my new art supplies to arrive.  I'm used to going out and buying them and using right away, but Michaels is not only too expensive but is becoming more of a craft store and good fine art supplies are hard to find there.  There are a couple of independent  art supplies stores around, but they are super expensive and also limited in selection.  So, this is my first time ordering on line.  Where are they?  I ordered them four days ago!  Chop, Chop!!!

Meanwhile, playing around with the old stuff. 


Simple pastel practice.  Two smears down each side of the page, the features lifted with a kneaded eraser. In my sketchbook, this yellow is a pale green.
  Watercolor pencil

And....another watercolor pencil.  I seem to be all about pink and red today.
Nope, just checked.  No goodies yet.   Mailman already went by.  Sigh...................


  1. There's very limited art supplies available here locally so I know just how you feel. I have to order almost everything online. It's frustrating.

    I like what you're doing with your "old" supplies.

  2. Hi Judie. Dick Blick is pretty fast. I also get fast service from Jerrys's Arterama. Love your faces and the colors, awesome. I'll be going to the art store to pick up a frame for my cobblestone. I love it so much Judie. You just don't know how happy I am with it. Thanks ever so much. Take care and continue what you are doing.

  3. well, since my "art supplies" are batteries for my camera, I don't have your problem. but since tomorrow begins Advent, I'll be philosophical...just think how many thousands of years was the waiting for the Savior! just sayin' time is relative, n'est ce pas?
    like your art very much!
    thanks for the kind words on my blog!


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