It seems that the little cobblestone street houses of the previous post are mostly all rented now.  I live there, Janet lives there, Gloria, Gemma, and we have Phillip on the corner with his big dog watching over us all.  I think that is cute.  Thanks guys, for moving in.

My idea of a sketchbook is to practice art, experiment with different media and techniques, and possibly to sketch something for a future finished work.  And my sketchbook is just that.  This past week I was doing some painted scribbling, although only one might become a finished painting at some future date.  Or..maybe not.  Anyhow, this is the result of those acrylic paint scribbles.

A stern-looking blue girl
Something that gave me an idea for a future work, or not! (I won't hold my breath).
And this poor girl who seems to be frightened out of her wits.
Actually, none of them seem too happy??? My muse must be mad at something. 
Yesterday, while hubby was napping on the sofa, I got on the internet and ordered some new supplies from Jerry's Artarama.  Never ordered from there before.  Of course, if I had waited until cyber Monday, I could have ordered from another place and paid only a buck for shipping, but...oh well.  live and learn. 
So, I am off on another adventure.  I ordered some Sculpy which I have not used in a long, long LONG time...
And some water soluable pastels .....
And a set of Pearlex Mica....
The water sol. pastels will be a new experience (water with dry pastels??) and I have never used mica powder before, so, I will see what happens. 
It's been a long time since I  tried something really new (to me).
Wish me luck!   
Hope your week ahead is super wonderful. 


  1. Judie how fun to get supplies and try new techniques. It is amazing how different some of the mediums are. I think your paintings are good. Especially like the blue girl. She has the look of old Dutch delft ware paintings. Keep on keeping on that's what I am doing too. LOVE you.

  2. Hi Judie. Oh I am so happy that you inspiration is filling your space. New techniques are great. I love that we artists are all living on the same cobblestone block. How fun is that!! Judie, I wish you much fun in your artistic journey. I love your girls, all of them and if you want them happy, put on their happy faces, as you can do that. Take care and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  3. These New-To-You Art Supplies sounds very exciting....Lots of funb, too!
    Love the Cobblestone street with the pretty colored houses...
    I think it would be great to live near the woods...!

    I hope your Thanksgiving was a lovely one...It was quiet here.

  4. The neighborhood seems to be filled out! I'm glad to be living in one of your house on the cobblestone street.

    New art supplies are always fun. I've never used those items either. I hope you do a post about what you learn from using them

  5. Sounds like fun Judie - I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. Have fun with your adventures. There's definitely something coming through in that lovely second painting of yours.x


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