Mornings with Mary - Day 8

Wondering how Mary aged way back then.
Considering the stress and suffering she endured,
The hard life it must have been,
The climate...
I suppose someone in their late 40's or early 50's
As Mary must have been when she left this world,
or at least left our scholar's radar, 
Would have aged to be what today's woman would be
In her 70's or 80's.
I think.
I guess.
I wonder.

conte & gioconda on sennelier
No matter.
Beauty fades, but character stays.
Saintly even in old age.
Now, you remember Ms. Wee, don't you?  The precious little blue angel that lives in my house?  (Today, but maybe not tomorrow).   And you remember the toilet tissue she dragged through the house, and the other issues I have complained about here and there.  Grrrrrrr.
 The other day she was very, very quiet (like a child gets when you KNOW you better go check!)  So I checked.
She knows how to open drawers, using them as a ladder one at a time.  This is her latest criminal act.
Ms. Innocent
Be kind to yourself today.


  1. I LOVE that picture of an aging, wise Crone - so much expression in her eyes and yet they still retain the joy of a young girl!

    And what can I say about Ms. Wee? That picture of her adventure made me laugh! She's a gorgeous girl, a wild maiden still! I have a Maximillian Pionus named Millie who is 18 - she's in charge of everything. Or so she thinks. She's small enough to be in danger when she goes walkabout as I'm afraid of stepping on her. She terrorizes my Border Collie when she bangs her toys against her cage - Kylie, the dog, takes off for the basement!

  2. This is a wonderful post, unique. 100 years ago when i used to travel the world and work the fields, I lived in the Mediterranean and the women there who employed us and fed us itinerant farm hands, they were just as you describe.. probably in their 40's the harsh landscape and sun had aged them physically, they looked well into their 60's 70's, agile as we in our 20's, they hard working saintly.. and that not so long ago as this.. these women kept us, nurtured us, taught us about life though our languages were different.. a lovely memory.. thank you.. saints all of them!

  3. Ms. Wee is still up to her shenanigans? (I think that's how it's spelled.) How funny Judie, I remember the tp scene. You need to discipline her.:) I saw your piece and it brought quiet and respect, and almost a tear for the older Mary and it felt good. Then I saw what Ms.Wee had done and I cracked up in laughter and I'm still laughing as I type. like this---->LOLOLOL:)) Happy Mary Day to you and awesome work.

  4. Fabulous painting. You have managed to show her inner beauty.
    BTW I want one of those scarves to hide my neck.
    What can I say about Ms. Wee's antics?
    Crazy beautiful bird.

  5. Was Mary one of whom it was said, "She's old before her time"?

    Lady of Sorrows

  6. there is beauty in age especially when it's paired with wisdom

  7. I was struck, when I stood before Michelangelo's Pieta in St. Peter's, how he had represented Mary as a young maiden, though she was cradling the body of the adult Jesus in her arms. The depiction has to do with how her innocence and faithfulness kept her pure and undespoiled, youthful, despite the toll the physical world took on her. But it doesn't work like that, does it?

  8. Ms Wee sure does get into a lot of trouble! But she looks so sweet and innocent.

  9. Lovely pastel 'aging' portrait of Mary ~ (A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

    ps. Your parrot did all that?????

  10. i love your rendering of the aging mary. our culture seems to spend so much time and money in beating age...and while i understand our affinity for beauty i wonder why most do not spend the time cultivating character, depth, substance and wisdom.

    thank you for loving mary so greatly, far beyond the bloom of youth!

  11. That is the Mary I want to paint.
    I just don't know how.
    She is gorgeous.
    And your Ms.Innocent is so clever.
    I bet you could teach her to use the toilet.

  12. She is just as I would imagine her and her eyes are just as gentle and soft as in her youth.

    I love seeing Ms. Wee's mischief. Sorry but I just giggled and knew that if she were mine, I would forgive her anything.

  13. a wonderful post - and I love Ms Wee's mischief - such a clever bird! one can only love animals - they are such amazing beings - all of them!


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