Twelve Mornings with Mary - Day 9

Our Lady of the Rainbow.
A modest watercolor splash inspired by my Day 3,
 the building image.
Representing simply the feminine spirit of all women.
Color me female
The fountainhead of all life
Alpha, Omega
May your heart be full of peace today


  1. The Sacred Woman within all. beautiful!

  2. The fountainhead of all life is very fitting. Beautifully done Judie. Thank you. Happy Mary Day.

  3. She is the water of life, her light shining through the rainbow.

  4. Wasn't that something how her image appeared on the building in a rainbow of colors? You did it justice by keeping the image simple (as it was) yet vibrant. ((hugs))


  5. a rainbow can say so many things. it can comfort, charm, ignite ones heart, make a dream come true, reassure that the sun has returned and offer a bridge across troubled waters.

    Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

    this day may your dazzling mary all wrapped up in the beauty of a rainbow bring you peace.

  6. I love rainbows so this Mary tickles the heart of the child within me. Love your haiku, too.

  7. Beautiful, Judie - and I especially love your haiku.


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