Sing A Song

From the tallest tree
A lovely melody comes.
Sing bird, sing to me


  1. There's nothing like a yellow songbird to herald the promised of Spring.

  2. What a beaultiful painting and a special Haiku to go with it. Awesome Judie. It's beautiful.

  3. S/he makes me want to sing. Lovely Haiku. Just started writing them a month ago myself. The yellow is pretty.

  4. Birdsong is my favourite thing in the world (and flowers).
    You have painted such a dear little happy bird here Judie. I've had fun catching up with your artwork today.

  5. Sigh...so pretty makes me happy...
    This would make beautiful greeting cards.

  6. What a dear little birdie! I'd love to hear him sing, myself!

    Do go see "SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK", it is a delightful film with serious overtones...and, a real "feel good" happy ending! WONDERFUL Performances and some Wonderful laughs, too!

  7. Oh thank you so much Judie, for your beautiful message and support.
    I truly loved making this pot, just great to feel the clay and mould it to life. I can understand why you like pottery too. Your bird is so beautiful, full of life and love :D <3 <3 <3


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