Ah Yes, The 29 Faces

I know I have missed a day or two.  I'm finding it impossible to keep up. Next week I know I will not be able to, so I'm going to have to drop out of the 29 because I have other things in mind and other issue to address.  But....if you would like to play along, please visit AYALA ART because it really is an awesome place. 
Also, I have found another face artist that does quite unusual work.  It's Michael D. Edens and he makes abstract faces.  I tried it and failed miserably.  Sigh.....  His really are something to see. I can only describe them as ethereal.

So here are my final two (ok, I cheated) faces for the challenge,but that is not to say I won't be back to post another face, and I will certainly visit as many of the new friends I have found that I can.  Thanks Ayala, for allowing me to participate.

For those that are birdwatchers like I am, the Alcoa Eagle Liberty has just laid her first egg of the season.  Soon there will be adorable little eaglets to watch.
These majestic birds certainly inspired some poetic words from my spiritual self last season, and I feel it coming on again.
Take good care of YOU! 


  1. I like seeing your faces but I understand about time. There never seems to be enough of it.

  2. Wonderful and very diverse faces! I know, this challenge takes time and it's not always possible to follow through. Sad to see you go though.

  3. Hi Judie. I know what you mean about the time. It is getting difficult as there are too many things to do. I'm just doing quick sketches right now, lots of doodling of faces. I love the way she is reaching "out" her hand from the mirror. Awesome thinking. Nice job Judie. Why not just paint a face when you can and link it. Take care, have a great week.

  4. I enjoy bird watching via nest cams!

  5. Every picture tells a story. This one certainly does.
    How interesting and in tune with the natural world to watch the eaglets...there are now 2 eggs. :-)

  6. Dear Judie,

    I was just going through the list of the 29 Faces Challenge participants, as time will allow me to for each day. I have made it through about half of the names now, and visited those people's blogs. What an amazing amount of talent, inspiration and variety of works!

    I just came to your name and I've been checking out your blog and see that you are no longer participating. Some things we just cannot do at the moment and that is ok!

    I also wanted to share my true and heartfelt sorrow for your loss, seeing that your beautiful Aleta was taken from this life far, far too soon. My sincere condolences, as well as for your darling granddaughter, Kara. You have had such great loss in your life, I am so sorry.

    I know this little offering from a stranger may not help much, but know that I do wish you Blessings, a continued peaceful heart and spirit, and friendship.



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