The Faces of Grief and Joy

29 Faces Day 7
I don't have time today to start from scratch so I'll post faces from the past, meaningful to me.
The first is a pencil drawing of a little boy who lost his twin in some sort of accident, and is being comforted by his father.  This is true and I drew it some years ago.  The source was an AP photo. It's meaningful to me because he is a child, and children should not have to feel this pain.
Next is a detail of a painting of the three Graces, sourced from Botticelli's La Primavera, which I painted in it's entirety (my own version of course) in acrylic on a bedroom wall a few years ago.
They are happily dancing, preparing for a wedding.  With these faces,  I am trying to show the contrast between sadness..above... and happiness....here.
Even with the vast difference in emotions, both show LOVE!
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  1. Judie, this is so heartfelt and yes the difference is evident. The grief on the childs face and his fathers just moves me. It's terrible this grief we have to feel when we lose those we love. I'm moved Judie. Thank you and also for your nice comments on my blog and you are welcome for the lady in red dress thingy.:) Take care and great work.

  2. Both so beautiful,really beautifully executed and so filled with emotion.

  3. Also Judie, I responded to your comment and question about the little bird in my blog header, but it came back as unable to deliver. But anyway, thanks for your nice comment, and you're correct it is a finch. I think they're so sweet, and my parent's have lots of them in their yard, I love just sitting and watching them.

  4. I can feel the little boy's pain through your drawing. It's very real...and I can also feel the joy and happiness in the painting of the three graces. You are remarkable! Well done!

  5. Wonderfully done faces ~ very creatively expressed ~

    Carol of (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  6. the pain does radiate from the boy's face to the viewer.
    wonderful contrasting faces

  7. Dear Judie!

    The first picture struck me, and it was fear that the man was hurting him, but it was not that!

    The three graces are beautiful and the colours are wonderful!

    Life hurts a lot at times, so it's good to be able to feel the good in life also.

    Wish you all the best


  8. Such passion in your art. There is a good balance here of grief and joy.

  9. Oh Judie!! I am so glad I finally got here!
    I have been meaning to for the longest time...
    So I just looked at your lover-ly collection of faces,
    you put so much emotion into each piece...my favorite
    though is the self portrait, how beautiful!
    I think of you often, and wished that I had your address,
    as sometimes I like to mail a little something and more
    than once now, I have thought of you.
    I am happy to see you are creating, even if it is hard sometimes.
    I am in a bit of a slump myself this past week and just
    can't seem to find the direction I need for a commission.
    I keep plugging away...it will come when I open myself to it
    I suppose.
    If you would like to email me your address:
    if not, no harm done :)
    Love, Lisa♥♥

  10. The emotions are captured so well! Great work.


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