My Postcard from Paradise has taken me back to my art table today.  Art is the only paradise I can cling to right now.  Sometime I think life is not worth all the hassle one has to put up with, all the things that must be done, all the heavy loads to haul,  but if I can lose myself for a few hours in art, then I am happy and come out feeling much better. So....now I feel better!
I was not happy with a small fence slat painting called Primitive Heart I did the first of February and it has been hanging around taunting me.  So I did a renew.
It used to look like this.
I disliked her layered dress, it didn't look right.    Her face was too fat (I don't use templates or stencils so I have to watch that!!)  And her expression was dead.  The whole thing was just blah!
This morning I worked it over, and this is the new Primitive Heart.
I changed the shape of her face, gave her more hair, lightened her eyes, lengthened her dress, gave it a little texture, textured the heart, and gave her a playful friend to hide under her skirt.
So...I was in paradise this morning lost in art.
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  1. yes
    so perfect
    to B lost in art*making !!

    to me the cat~friend
    is the sweetest thing ...

    {{ when i am not at my best
    i hide away in my studio
    and get lost
    as quickly as i can
    for as long as i can



    i am Super Art*Woman !! }}

  2. Being lost (or found?) in art is certainly paradise! I grab my camera and wander if my spirit needs refreshing! Love your second artwork! The face has a delightful, whimsical expression!

  3. indeed, your changes did alter her image so she seems more welcoming to us, the viewers (and admirers of your art work). I love the kitty peeking out!
    blessed be

  4. Love this piece Judie. Glad you are feeling better.:) Have a great week.

  5. dear judie,
    i too have been keeping my hand in the honey pot of creation. no matter how challenging it is to live in my body, i am free when i am lost in the creative process where anything and everything is possible. thank you for your beauty and company, did you feel me painting right beside you all day??

  6. My art is my solice, as well, as I lose myself and time slips away.
    Life can be too crazy sometimes...thank God we can take some time to revive ourselves with creativity! I like your redo much better...I have to do that from time to time, as well...

  7. like the idea of painting on fence slats...I can see entire row of them!

  8. Lightening her face and putting the cat peeking at us did give her a more approachable look.

  9. Most definately. ART heals. Love the sweet changes you made. There is a saying: "A painting is never finished it just stops in interesting places." I am so happy you are painting Judie. LOVE you!

  10. Oh my goodness! I thought it was good to start with and then when I saw your second attempt it bought such a smile to my face! I love your artwork Judie - something beautiful shines through.

  11. Bravo on the revision. She has a sweetness to her face that was missing before. And the addition of kitty makes her downright playful.

  12. I agree with your critique and the changes are great. I like the dotted swiss-type dress. Pam is right. Something beautiful shines through in your work.


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