I missed Haiku Friday yesterday because I let life's necessities get in the way, but maybe Haiku Saturday will suffice?  This is a screen shot I captured this morning of the osprey's who are nest building at the Yadkin River dam in North Carolina, compliments of Alcoa.  This is the same pair that was at this same nest last year.  You probably know by now if you visit here at all that I am in love with birds, with nature, or perhaps I should say in awe of it.  The larger bird is the mom.  Dad's main function, after the eggs are laid, will be to provide fish for her and the new "family".  They have already mated, so the eggs should be there soon as the nest is finished, within a week or so.  Well yeah, I witnessed that also!  :)

Osprey love is here
Soon there will be Spring babies
Mother Nature's heart
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Happy weekend!
UPDATE...One of the eagles has hatched! 


  1. good morning judie,
    i too have a deep affection for birds. so much so that most mornings i rise before dawn just to take in their hope filled singing and the always uplifting transition of darkness to light.
    thank you for reminding me about the many bird cams that will be offering an intimate peek into the family life of many varieties of birds.
    so happy to find you here!

  2. Wow! lovely haiku and photography of nature's beautiful miracles ~ thanks ~ Enjoy ^_^

  3. I love the birds too and like to go out walking to observe them whenever I can. Osprey nest here as well and I am far north of you! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this Judie. So good that Alcoa maintains the nesting area, keeping it undisturbed and sharing it.

  5. Hi Judie - hope you had a good weekend. Those birds are magnificent - we have wild cockatoos here at the moment that are fun to watch - they are the cheeky comedians of the bird world with their silly acrobatics, though like a lot of comedians they can go over the top sometimes - noisy, destructive, careless, but still forgiven because they are so funny and entertaining.

  6. I loved this story Judie...
    my favorite book when I was young was 'Osprey Island'
    The book was so magical to me,
    just to climb into a picture and *poof*
    a new life for a few hours.
    The best part (maybe) was when the children came back
    from Osprey Island and time had stood still.
    So they didn't get in trouble with their parents.
    I gave the book for my kids to read,
    but they didn't love it like I did.
    Maybe they were happier in their childhood than I was.
    At least that is the answer I like :)

    I received a most beautiful postcard in the mail.
    It is stuck between the mirrior and frame on my vanity♥♥♥

  7. We have a little robin, keeps tapping on the window, I think he sees his reflection as a male competing with him, so cute, sure sign spring is on the way!
    May spring bring you warm happy days. x

  8. i am awed by birds. i love to hear them first thing in the morning. sometimes in the middle of the night i hear a lone owl. wish we had ospreys here in my neck of the woods. your post today brought a smile to my heart.

  9. How cool to see photos of the baby eaglet. Mom is sitting on it in the live cam so I didn't get to see it there. Birds made my day this morning singing loud and fluttering about. It's good to relax and just listen to them. :-)

  10. I love the idea that the baby in eggs is Mother Nature's heart!
    sigh ..lovely just lovely!

  11. good morning judie,
    something beautiful happened when i has sitting at the feet of mary as the sun rose. from that a new meme was born at recuerda mi corazon. mornings with mary, each monday i am beginning my week honoring mary with a simple photograph, i hope you will join me in all this mary love.

  12. I love that you get such enjoyment out of watching and caring about the birds. Raptures are always interesting subjects. It is wonderful to see them flying low over the fields, forests and lakes in our area and also soaring high into the heaven until they are just a spot in the sky. Do you ever reflect on how they are modern descendants of dinosaurs?


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