A what?
Ok, ok, I'm weird.  I do have a grandegg.
And I am happy about it.
Check it out.
Today is Ms. Wee's birthday.
She is 20 years old.
I have had her since she was one of these (above).
Last Sunday evening she (unexpectedy) presented me with a grandegg.
She does not have a baby-daddy
but she wanted to sit on the egg anyway.
That's ok.
If she broods it, it helps her NOT want to lay another.
I don't need three or four grandeggs!
She is very protective of her egg.
If the dog walks near, well, dog just better watch out for that needle beak.
If my husband tries to pet her,
His hand is attacked.
But me?
Hah, I can scratch, pet, kiss, hug, touch my grandegg,
whatever I want.
It's called total trust.
My baby knows who loves her!
Ms. Wee likes me to sing her to sleep at night
just before I turn out the lights
at dusk.
"Sleeeeepy little birdie,
sleeeeeepy little birdie"
Yes, I do!  And she closes her eyes and lays down her little soft head
on her soft blankie.
And I pamper her because
she has slept standing on her two feet for twenty years!
Like birds do, of course.
But at last she gets to lie down  and rest.
And after awhile, when there is no hatch,
she will abandon this egg,
as birds do.
And that's ok.
We will still have each other.
Yes, I'm weird.
But everyone knows artists are weird.
And so are birdie mommys.
Be Blessed Today.


  1. This is such a sweet story! Love is love and that's all there is to it.

  2. Congratulations on the new arrival........that is amazing! I love how Ms Wee looks so maternal in that one photo of her laying down. She is one grand dame that bird.........must be from all that love and pampering!! But she deserves it!

  3. Hi Judie. I understand how you feel about Miss Wee, you've had her for so long she is a part of the family like my Chocolatte and Chippy are, as was Chorizo and Sister May who are now gone. It's a way of showing her that you love her and as odd as it may seem to some, it isn't to her. She knows you, your ways, your movements, etc. Very kind of you. She's a beauty too. Please do wish Ms.Wee a very happy 20th birthdy. Paint her Judie, I'd like to see that. Have a wonderful day. You be blessed today too.

  4. Way to go Miss Wee! Wow a grandegg.
    And congrats to you Judie....ya weirdo!
    Love and kisses to all

  5. This is such a very sweet and touching post......How amazing that your dear Ms Wee has given you a Grandegg.....She is really something. And she is so very BEAUTIFUL, too! Indeed, she knows who loves her....!

  6. Okay. Now I'm going to cry.

  7. Beautiful post! I understand completely... (about the sentiments that is, not laying an egg !)

  8. Ms. wee. you touched my heart this morning. your love exudes. you want to protect. you are a glorious twenty years old. happy birthday. thank you for sharing this story.


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