Haiku My Heart - April Pink Moon

Dawn begins to break
The pink phlox  moon fades away
Goodbye til next time
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  1. Maybe the moon will hatch...
    endless the possibilities,
    with a pink egg in the sky.

    (I grew more fond of your
    birdie when I looked at your
    last post...sweet:)

    Love to you Judie ♥♥

  2. It was beautiful at the atmosphere and magnified gigantic.
    Lol Lisa's comment...what if the moon hatches?

  3. Hi Judie: Just came by to look at the lovely moon, and read haiku. I like pink-phlox description. Amazing how the night sky can be so light, yet so obviously night. Take care.

  4. Beautiful photo and exquisite haiku ~ well penned ~ ^_^

  5. Hi Judie. Just to let you know that I picked your name for my giveaway. Stop by. Have a great week.


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