The Evolution Of A Painting

Most of the time, when I paint, I start with a sketch.  Some far-distant idea that may or may not evolve, but it gets into my sketchbook to give me something solid to mull over.  A painting I did called "The Littlest Angel" started this way.
A simple idea, a thought, a brief sketch.  
Then, a more detailed sketch with some color, to give me a more broad idea of what I hope to accomplish (although it seldom looks the same when the work is finished!)
Then, I transfer my idea to the final support, a canvas or paper, or wood.  But I am always making changes along the way, not only in the subject but in the background as well.
Then, there is the final decision, after I have looked at it awhile, after I have decided it's finished, then decided it's not finished, after I think I don't like this, or don't like that, or need to change something.  And sometimes the changes are a long time coming, and it really turns into a "remake" of a painting.  So this now is the final work of "The Littlest Angel".   I didn't like the cartooney faces, so I changed them.  I didn't like the wings, so I added some gold leaf.  A little this and that, and now I will consider this a finished painting.  Finally! 
And each time I finish a painting, I think..."gosh, I could have done better".  Are you that way at all? 


  1. I like the gold on the wings and their look is very interesting. Each with their own deep thoughts and yet the same in prayer. I love the colors you used and really like the final outcome. Very nice Judie.

  2. Thanks for sharing the process of how you do a painting. I like seeing how others work. And yes, I'm always second-guessing myself as to whether I'm finished or not. I like the addition of the gold leaf and the changes to their faces. This is a beautiful painting.

  3. "A painting is never finished it just stops in interesting places." Can't remember who said that but I think it is true. I liked all of the various stages and your final painting is lovely.

  4. So interesting to see your steps. Well done!xx


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