A Visitor In The Rain

It's been raining all day here, and this little guy came to visit this afternoon.  I heard a noise on the front porch, and this is what I found. 
I've been wondering what has been sleeping in my plants and leaving a little smashed place.  Thought it was the neighborhood bunnies.  Maybe not? 
Little tyke was soaking wet, searching and digging for food. 
Cute, but he can find a better place to live I'm sure. 
I opened the door and threw him an old biscuit, but he checked it out then saw me and ran away.  Guess he only eats icky stuff!
Meanwhile, back in the warm, dry corner of the kitchen, the nesting continues.


  1. Wow. A racoon. I'm stoked. Miss Mommy is looking good too. I guess she hasn't figured out yet that there will be no happy ending.

  2. the raccoon looked more like a porcupine with his fur standing up like that! they are cute critters, but they can do lots of damage.
    so Miss Mommy has no way to be a mommy? poor baby

  3. i've seen plenty of raccoon, but never a soaking wet one! pretty darn cute!

  4. Love urban wildlife. It is amazing how nature supports these guys who eat icky stuff. lol. On the other hand Ms. Wee is a wild one herself but following her natural instincts in civilized fashion.

  5. Creatures like Racoons, skunks and beavers are so uniquely American that I'm always thrilled to see them no matter what their consequences bring! ...and of course we Australians don't have squirrels, so I like seeing photos of them too.
    Here kangaroos do lots of damage - owners of a country property that specialize in wedding functions say wild kangaroos may look cute grazing on their lawn but no bride likes to step in kangaroo poop in such a beautiful outdoor setting!
    Hope Mr. Racoon didn't leave a calling card at your place!


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