Spoiled?? Nah!

Does it get much cuter than this?
Snuggling down into her soft blankie and her fuzzy pillow cloth?
Well, yes it does.
When I snuck up on her, so quietly,
her eyes were closed.
I could almost swear she was snoring.
Well, almost.
Now that was cute!
I was soooo very quiet.
Even got the whirring camera settings ready before I went in the room.
Took off my shoes and went barefoot.
When I raised the camera, her eyes were closed.
When the picture came out....Viola!
Open eyes!
She must have heard me breathing!
You just can't put anything over on Ms. Wee!


  1. I just love your Miss Wee tales.

  2. Miss Wee is awesome. Great picture.

  3. Miss Wee is beautiful! And she's ready for her close-up!

  4. Amazing camera work to snap exactly at the second she peeked. LOL.
    She is a rascally girl. Blowing kisses to you all

  5. And I do just the opposite!
    99% of the time my eyes are closed in pictures :)
    I am late in visiting,
    but I did look at all I missed...
    Your bird garden,
    the naughty racoon
    your Mary art!
    I loved seeing the progression
    and transformation of the painting.
    I never remember to take pictures along the way.

    I saw a blue heron on my neighbor's roof the other day
    (he must have been lost)
    I didn't get a picture,
    I just knew if I went to get it
    he would fly away.
    Of course he DID fly away,
    but I was there to see him...amazing, really.
    Love to you Judie!

  6. Our pets can never be fooled can they? even with eyes closed, they are so aware of their environment. is the egg still being snuggled?


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