Mornings With Mary

Mornings With Mary - Eternity
This morning does not bring a spiritual statue of Mary
Or a gentle painting of Mary
Or a verse loving and admiring Mary
Or anything else absolutely, positively just Mary.
But... I do have an angel.
I believe, if there are truly angels,
Real ones, 
Then Mary must have some influence over them.
She must help teach angels to watch over us when she is busy elsewhere
(and she must be very busy)
A small part of her must be within each lovely angel,
To make us feel so secure and loved when we think of them,
Or see them,
Or feel the presence of Mary herself.
My little angel watches over my pet cemetary.
In my life, my pets are like part of my soul.
I love them,
Cherish them,
Care for and protect them while they are with me.
And when they are gone (always too soon)
I give them their own little space,
With their own little slate headstone,
Under the shade of a Lakeview Jasmine tree
That drops its white petals over them and covers their space with pureity.
These spaces belong to my parakeet Otherbird
My parakeet Yellabird
And Baby Dove that fell out of his nest and died on my front porch.
He became mine then, and momma dove approved I think.
And I'm sure there will be more as the years go by.
They have Mother Nature's bunny to keep them company,
and one of Mary's angels to watch over them.
I think their tiny souls are happy.

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  1. I also have a pet cemetery at my Mary shrine garden! Yours are such a pretty place where they can be remembered!

  2. dear judie,
    you have a deeply tender heart. thank you for this thoughtful post,
    filled with compassion and kindness. pets have a special presence in our hearts forever. thank you for sharing yours.

  3. This is a very sweet post, Judie.xx

  4. I missed this last week so am dropping in very late. We have a corner of our yard devoted to some of the many cats that have chosen us for their humans. I should find a little statue to place there but something definitely sturdy enough so it won't get turned into a doggy toy.


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