Haiku My Heart - Treasures

Oh little brown jug
What secrets does your shape hold
Whose fingers made you?
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The Story
Yesterday I visited the Salvation Army store
looking for treasures
As soon as I walked in the door
this is the first treasure I saw.
I picked it up and walked around with it
"just in case"
I found something I wanted more
but no...
This was my treasure.
I know nothing about it.
It has no markings except the pretty design.
I have a friend who is a potter
and she is going to take a look at it
and maybe tell me what kind of clay it is,
etc. etc. etc.
What to do with it?
Don't know yet, but I am thinking it might look nice with the
Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe
painted on it.
What do you think?


  1. {{ clearly
    had i been walking behind you
    i would have waited


    for you to set her down ... }}

  2. First of all, I don't think I have visited your site before. I love the beautiful personal and very touching greeting you post on your header. I feel welcome here. Thank you.
    I love to walk through the thrift stores and garage sales and look at stuff. I never seem to know why something grabs my attention and desire, but like this jug did to you, I think things "talk" to me.
    I just saw the other day someone that has a memory jug class. Here's the link to the blog post that has many photos of similar small jugs and a novel creative thing to do with them:
    I do like the haiku and the idea it throws at me about whose fingers may have touched the piece in its creation, cool thought!


  3. How beautiful..mesmerising...I am happy to be here...hope you will like to visit..



  4. I'm sure the perfect image will emerge to transform that little brown jug into a dazzling piece of art.

    Barbs of Loneliness

  5. I think YES!
    What is more wonderful
    than art collaboration?
    If only the pottery artist
    were to see what you will do...
    exciting having a project in mind.

  6. yes.
    a gift from the universe!
    i love those moments when it seems something is waiting just for the right eyes and heart to befriend it.

  7. I love the thoughts behind your haiku! Would you share your art after you apply it to the jug? Will you leave part of the jug untouched?
    Periodically I walk thru Goodwill and the local mission thrift store. One never knows what may jump out and say, "Take me home with you!"

  8. That is a beautiful jug you have over there.

  9. Judie, As an artist you know you put a part of yourself into each thing you make. Whatever the artist's fingers imbued here add unique energy to it. Love this post. It made me stop to think. Want to see what you will add.
    LOVE you

  10. Someone lovingly handcrafted this piece, and now you will embellish it with your love!

  11. what a treasure...love when these little things pop into our lives.


  12. I like your little brown jug and the Haiku that goes with it.:) Have a great weekend. By the way, no I didn't sculpt the bust but will paint it.

  13. Lovely haiku and what a find ~ beautiful gift ~ a treasure ~ ^_^

  14. adding your own part to the jugs story sounds perfect.
    happy weekend!

  15. I love the soft curves of your little jug. It spoke to you once in the store and it will speak to you again to guide you to embellish it and add a bit of yourself to it!Haiku My Heart Hot, Hot, Hot

  16. beautiful capture...lovely words!

  17. Such a lovely little pot! I, too often wonder where things came from, who made them, and when...the Virgin looks wonderful anywhere - great idea!

  18. What a great find! I always love things like that...not knowing who had them in the past...where they've been...love this!

  19. That is a sweet little Pot....It will be interesting to hear what your Potter frirnd says about it.

  20. What a sweet find, this little clay pot... I wonder what liquid it held and by whom... I think it is from somewhere south of the border, maybe as far as Peru? It will be fun to discover its origins!

  21. These small finds give so much pleasure don't they!
    I really enjoy charity shop browsing too, and know you enjoy estate sales also. After reading Annie's post over at Slow Moving Train I posted about a couple of my experiences with estate sales. A friend and I meet out of town once a month to visit the charity shops - we have such a great day, with a lot of laughs and great finds! Enjoy your little jug Judie, and its call to create something.

  22. Sweet and yes, Our Lady of Guadalupe will look beautiful on the little brown jug. Hope to see it soon.


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