Mornings With Mary - Bit of a stretch

Stretching it just a little perhaps
But Mary was a Mother
the Mother of all Mothers
And this loving creature is also a mother
Watching vigilantly over her babies while they sleep
Just as Mother Mary most assuredly did
Keeping them safe from harm through the night
Just as our Mother Mary would have done
Guarding her children
with a loving heart
With a fierce pride
Emotions that all mothers feel
A feeling we should respect
No matter if it is a human mother
or an animal mother
A Mother's love is all encompassing
And loving Mother Mary
Can make us understand that
Mothers are a wonderful thing!
A vigilant mother
stands watch all night
brought to us by the technology of
a night vision nest cam
Courtesy of Cornell University
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and have a Blessed Day. 


  1. My heart melts at the mother love you have pictured here for us today, thank you. :~)xxx

  2. it's the same ...that one love mothers have
    bird, animal, or human...
    a mothers love is evident in all.
    I think that it is all holy and as sacred as Mary's love.

  3. no stretch at all! this is what i hoped mornings with mary would convey....that mary is everywhere, in everyone and everything. thank you for seeing so clearly and sharing so generously.
    love those birds cams!

  4. The epitome of devotion - a mother's love, no matter her appearance.

  5. Mother Nature...Mother Mary. Both so beautiful and you have connected them in a lovely way!

  6. A lovely post Judie. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts.

  7. I missed last week but thank you for visiting me and remind me to share my oracle cards!! Wow! what a powerful post you have this week! Mother Nature herself.


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