More Treasures

At an estate sale I found this treasure
for one dollar  :) !!!
The entire 78 card set
I love these block prints
I have some colorful Goddess Tarot
but this Light and Shadow is quite different
I don't do Tarot
Wish I could
But I think I'm too lazy
or just not interested enough
 to learn all the card meanings
So when I pull a card
for myself
I just get out the little book
and read my daily fate
And I purchase the cards because I am addicted
to the art
This artist, Michael Goepferd
has an awesome bio
He has been a world traveler
and helped start Fire Thorn Studio
in San Francisco
where he created these block prints
I am happy to have his art and
I share a little of it here with you

"Michael doesn't consider himself a Tarot expert but rather an artist who has found in the iconography of the Tarot all the great themes of life and art." 
 Brian Williams, author, The Light and Shadow Tarot



  1. I agree these cards are wonderful art and it is fun to pick one rather than doing the major Tarot spread. Wouldn't it be fun to paint a deck of your own?

  2. Wow, great cards Judie. Awesome find for $1. I don't know anything about Tarot readings. My Grandmother used to say that cards and TV are the works of the devil. :) tee hee. I think I am beginning to agree as far as the TV is concerned. PBS is all I watch and darned if I didn't get hooked on Millionaire NY Real Estate and LA Millionaire Real Estate. I have a real estate license but am not practicing right now. Perhaps hints will come my should I decide to get back into the practice. Great drawings, love them. Take care.

  3. Estate sales are wonderful for interesting finds aren't they. The illustrations on the cards are wonderful!

  4. What a great find!! I would have snatched them up, too. The art is so cool. I love black and white art.

  5. You DID find a treasure! And block print images too, wow! Love black & white also!


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