Mornings With Mary - Special Treasure

In my never-ending quest for treasures, I have scored again!
Last Friday I found this small tapestry at a church thrift store.
Not having a religious upbringing, my interest in Mary is more of a huge appreciation than a dedicated love
and as soon as I picked her up she "told me" where she wanted to go.
She will go to a home where I know she will receive more love than I would ever be able to give.
When I went to the counter and plopped down my three bucks (yes 3!) the little church lady asked if I would be putting it on the floor as a rug.
What?  Walk all over these lovely faces?
It's even too small for a rug.  It's coffee table size.
Or wall hanging size.  Not floor.
I'm sure this must be a painting hanging in a museum somewhere but I am not familiar enough with it to know.
If you do please tell me, I'd love to know.
It looks as if it has been very gently loved over a number of years.
I am confident that love will continue in her new home.
Goodbye and be well Mary. 
I will continue to love and admire you in my own small way.
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  1. Oh, yes, I can just see someone wiping her shoes on Mary as she steps into the kitchen! Ugh! :)

    Macro Mary/Ruby/Yellow

  2. Blessed is the person who receives it. Personally, I think you should keep it and let Mother work her mysterious and loving ways.

  3. Aren't you the lucky one! Hang tight to it.:)

  4. there are times that we are given these gifts from the universe. i love that you have a strong feeling for where this beauty needs to live.
    i have named this year a year of living and giving.
    i rarely walk out the door without something i feel deeply moved is ready to give to another. each time, the love, surprise, and happiness this giving generates far surpasses keeping it for myself.

  5. A church thrift store would be a great place to go treasure hunting.
    I have seen that image before as well but don't know its origin.
    Love to you

  6. Oh, Judie, I love your "find." What a fortunate person your someone will be who can love this little Mary masterpiece. I love what Rebecca says above--and thanks, as always, for visiting Sacred Ordinary. And thanks for the photos of your prie dieu, too.

  7. oh so beautiful! what a find and what a blessed person that will receive this rug. Thank you for stopping by and yes, indeed, I did make that pendant - my first ever and I was very pleased with it, although it was quite a struglle

  8. {{ eyes wide open
    find the treasures ...

    is why i am
    today ...

    ♥ }}

  9. I have never seen anything like this "rug"
    What a treasure for sure...I am so glad she was
    rescued by you to be loved by someone else.
    The big circle of love has another link.

  10. see? Mary loves ALL her children. what an exquisite treasure! I love that SHE said where she'd be loved.


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