Haiku my Heart - Finding Peace


 One can find peace here
If you just let yourself go
Feel this lady's soul

Go See
and then visit

Be Blessed.


Update:  8/30/13  Oops, the owners of the video have taken it off of UTube.  Sorry.


  1. Perfect. The Elders tell us that life on the Sacred Earth Mother would cease to exist if any of the 4[legged, winged ones, swimmers or crawlers were taken away, but would continue to thrive if the two-leggeds, (mankind), was taken from our midst.
    The video illustrates this very simply.
    Just perfect. Thanks for sharing this and your lovely haiku.


  2. dear judie,
    this is astounding! thank you for sharing this incredible woman, one feather and a heart for purity and balance. i love the comment that included this " The feather symbolizes a life that God created. A small part that is not often recognized or seen. But if it is taken away or lost, everything will fall apart."
    you have transported me this morning to the edge of heaven, and affirmed once more that it resides within us all.

  3. This is so beautiful. It is like a haiku unto itself.

  4. This was totally awesome. Loved it all. When she went back to take the feather down, it just blew me away. Everything went back to where it was at. I agree with Rebecca, just awesome. Thanks Judie.

  5. Stunning video! Thank you sooo sooo much for sharing! Perfect haiku.

  6. Great video ~ and lovely haiku ~ thanks, carol, xo

  7. So beautiful this balance of life on the breath... and I love how your haiku weaves both the meaning of the video with our Rebecca and haiku circle... words upon words building upon each other... the perfect balance of peace in letting go...

  8. For some reason I cannot see the video...from what others say it must have been beautiful. Your haiku touches me...

  9. Wonderful words, Judie. To feel one's soul must be one of life's greatest blessings.



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