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Already no circus!
Already no hunting!
Soon no Zoo!
Keep fighting Environment Minister Rene Castro!
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Costa Rica zoos to close, free animals
The Associated Press
Posted: Aug 4, 2013 11:34 AM ET
Costa Rican officials say they plan to close both of the country's public zoos next year so that animals can be freed from their cages. But the foundation that runs the animal parks said Saturday it is trying to keep them operating.
Environment Minister Rene Castro announced in recent days that the 97-year-old Simon Bolivar zoo in central San Jose will become a botanical park next year.
Another zoo west of the city, the Santa Ana Conservation Center, also would close. Together they hold 400 animals of 60 species, including a lion, crocodiles, monkeys and a tapir.
The Environment Ministry said the animals would be released into the wild or sent to rescue centres.
The foundation that runs the zoos, known as Fundazoo, has asked an administrative tribunal to block the closure, foundation spokesman Eduardo Bolanos said Saturday. It argues that its contract to run the zoos has been renewed through 2024.
"We're worried about where the ministry is thinking of moving the animals since the Simon Bolivar and the Conservation Center are the only ones that have a veterinarian specialized in forest species and an animal nutritionist," Bolanos said.
Costa Rica banned circuses with animals in 2002 and has also barred sport hunting.

 They thank you!


  1. I love the last creature. So darling. These are all beautiful creatures of God. You are indeed a peaceful person.:)

  2. I hope these beautiful animals have not become institutionalized and will know how to fend for themselves in the wild. If they are used to someone bringing them food it may be difficult for them. Thankfully hunting has been banned. Wishing the best possible outcome for these animals.

    1. Me too! It has been suggested in the article that those that cannot fend for themselves will be sent to rescue centers. That would be like me releasing Ms. Wee. She would not survive, but she could live happily in a sanctuary with others of her kind, able to fly. But...nope. I am destined to care for her as long as I can!

  3. We are losing hunting in California. The environmentalists are seizing our water. Pretty soon we won't be able to grow anything and people are going to wonder why there is a food shortage in the US.

  4. What a wonderful world it would be without hunting, without circus animals and without zoos!! And no experimentation on animals for unnecessary cosmetics etc!! Yay!!


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