A Sequential Visual Story

Sandy the frog spent most of her days sitting on her lily pad in the swamp.  She was fat and full, and considered herself Queen of the Swamp.
Every day she lay in wait for the biggest flies to buzz by, then she flipped out her long tongue and captured them for her dinner....
and breakfast....
and lunch.....
and snacks.
Sandy ate so many flies, she just got fatter and fatter....

....and heavier and heavier...
It seemed like her favorite lily pad was getting smaller and smaller, but really it was only that she was getting fatter. 
One day she ate a very big, delicious fly, and she became so heavy her lily pad could not hold her up and she began to sink.
Lower and lower she sank, until she was completely under water.
Fortunately, Meeko the fish swam by.
"Help!", cried Sandy the fat frog.  "I'm sinking!  I've had too many flies and now I'm too fat to swim!"
Now, Meeko was only too happy to help because he liked flies too, and fat frog Sandy was able to sit out of the water where the flies were, and Meeko could not, so he pushed the fat  frog on her lily pad back to the surface of the swamp, and held her there while they both waited for flies.

At first fat frog Sandy shared the flies that buzzed by.  She let Meeko jump and grab one when he wanted, even though it nearly made her lily pad sink again each time.

Soon, fat frog Sandy and Meeko the fish both became so fat from eating too many flies, that they began to sink to the bottom of the swamp together.
So Sandy the fat frog decided she didn't need Meeko the fat fish any more. 
 She leaped from her lily pad to the grass at the edge of the swamp.  The lily pad floated away.  Meeko the fish was buried in the murky depths of the bottomless swamp, too fat to swim, never to be seen again.
And Sandy, the fattest of all frogs, sat on the firm, grassy bank, surrounded by her muddy, wet kingdom........
...........and grew fatter and wider with each juicy fly, forever the Queen of the swamp.
The Moral of the Story....
is it   Don't eat too many flies?
is it  Don't pick a fish for a friend?   Nope!
The Moral of the Story is:
....wait for it...........
Cya!  :)


  1. Judie, you are too funny!! I loved this little story, and your drawings, too. You gave me a good chuckle for this afternoon. I'm glad I don't know any fat frogs!!

  2. Awesome story Judie. Loved it! You are a writer of children's books it seems. Loved the fat frog. I feel better from my cough after reading your short story with great illustrations.

  3. Hahhahaha! I loved it!
    And your illustrations! This was such fun!
    I do love fat froggies though, even if they
    make selfish friends. Fat froggies are waaay
    cuter and less buzzy than yucky old flies.
    I kinda feel bad for the fish...
    but that's his problem, lol.
    You are the best! xoxo


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