Postcards from Paradise - Egypt

4th Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh
2 wives
3 sons
1 daughter
possibly more
Ruled Egypt approximately 11 years
A pyramid builder
Responsible for building the Sphinx at Giza
in the image of his father
I have never been a fan of Egyptian art,
but Egyptian history fascinates me.
I had to try to draw Djedefre
(from a photo of a bust ruin
with his poor nose bashed)
He is beautiful to me
in pastel green.
linked with the colorful


  1. {{ oh
    oh you did so good !!

    lets just run off to the 4th Dynasty Egypt
    for about 1 hour
    before they discover us time*travelers !!

    i am always packed
    so just let me know
    when you are ready !! }}

  2. there is something about those eyes...telling a complete story!

  3. divine art work for Post Cards ~ carol, xo

  4. I share your fascination with Egyptology, like somepinkflowers I'd be off in a shot to explore the mysteries, your image being a good advertisement! x

  5. thank you for stopping by my blog; have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  6. Your painting is awesome.
    Yes lets all run off through time with SPF.
    First I'm stopping at your house for grilled scallops.
    LOVE you.

  7. You did a great job on this and I agree that he's beautiful in green.

    Let me know when the time machine is ready. I wanna go, too.

  8. Love him in green... matching eyes too!

  9. I visited the King Tut exhibit in Seattle last year, fascinating history for sure. Nice work Judie :-)

  10. I didn't build the Sphinx, Khufu did.
    And the lower part of my nose was a little bit wider, more plump.
    And yeah, I suppose I do look good in pastel green.

    Sorry if I disappointed ya concerning the Sphinx.


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