Yeaaaa!   I did it!
My first altered  book.
It took three attempts, reading and doing,
and some wasted gesso and book paper,
but one is finally completed. 
This is (was) a 7x9 Dr. Seuss book,
now an art journal with
mixed pages
for wet and dry media.
The outside is covered with a textured gold paper,
(compliments of  Judi Redhead
 saved from long ago)
The spine cover is duck tape
It has only 4 signatures,
24 pages (48 if you count back and front)  :)
and is probably not sewn together "correctly", but
it works for me!
I had some help from my other half, who unlike me is
good are reading and following directions.
I'm more of the hands on, show me and I'll do it type.
I think, though,
that I much prefer making my own books from scratch,
rather than altering.
There really is a difference.
Whew!  That's done.......now to get started inside.
The fun part.
Have a creative day.


  1. Cool! How fun!!! I have made a couple of books that are a little wonky. Following directions not my best trait either. LOVE journaling and working in altered books. Looking forward to journal sharing with you next year. xx

  2. Awesome Judie. It looks great. I too am working on a journal for next year. Have fun with it, enjoy the day. I have a Haiku for you. Take care amiga.

  3. Awesome!

  4. I am not sure that I understand. Did you take a Dr. Seuss book and you're going to do art on top of each page?

  5. Because Rebecca is in San Miguel, please use last week's Linky at Recuerda Mi Corazon, so that we can share haiku this week. Thanks so much!


  6. Congrats on your first altered book, they are addictive fun

  7. so fun! always great when you try something different!
    happiest of holiday wishes to you


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