The Jewel and The Season

The Jewel:
The patient jeweled Madonna
still waits.
The Season:

A few years ago I was in a chunky book group for Christmas.
Each person had to make a 4 x 4 page of their childhood Christmas.
These pages are so awesome, I wanted to bring them out again this Christmas season.
Front Cover


Back Cover
David even sent everyone directions how to make those
Moravian Stars.  What a treasure this book is.
It was difficult to scan, trying to keep the light out of the scanner
with all the "chunky" stuff.  There is lots and lots of shine
and glitter here, and scanners don't like shine, but you get the idea. 
Each page had a back and front but I only scanned
the front.
Don't you love show and tell treasures?
Happy Day!!


  1. Wonderful chunky book ~ what a treasure! ~ and are you giving the Madonna away and no one is taking it? She is another treasure ~ carol, xxx

    Thanks for visiting ^_^

  2. What a wonderful book Judie. Lots of memories. Yes I love show and tell treasures and yours are right up there. Well I'll be derned! No one has taken your Madonna? Tell you what I'm going to do-if no one picks it up, I'll take it. tee hee. I'll even pay the shipping charges. I do hope someone picks it up. Seriously though, maybe it was just meant to be there? If not there, here.:)) Take care Judie. Loved your post.

  3. Think of all of those who have been touched by your jeweled Madonna. She will go to the right home when it is time. Oh love the memories you've shared in the Christmas book. Still have not had a white Christmas.

  4. I love the saga of your jeweled Madonna. Time will tell~ Those chunky books are grand. Wow. Each a treasure unto itself.

  5. Your Madonna is apparently perfectly positioned to serve the needs of the many exactly where she is at. Someday, someone will come by who needs her for more than a brief moment. When that happens, the healing will start to radiate outward and you will see her again. Somewhere. I'm absolutely certain of it.

  6. Judie, please check your email amiga. Thanks.

  7. what a magnificent book! I definitely would take it out each Christmas to enjoy once again. I bought a Moravian star many, many years ago at a Christmas bazaar. With it was a note saying that the paper used had been saved from the time of WWII by a grandmother of the one who made it. I love looking at it each year and recall the history of it.

  8. Oh how I would love a white Christmas - maybe one day!! The madonna will find the right home - just give her time to work her magic!


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