During The Twelve Days Is The Right Time

Back in mid-November
I posted my art piece "The Jeweled Madonna"
and said I was going to take it to the park
and place it against a tree,
in the shade,
for someone who needs it to take it
and (hopefully)
after receiving the comfort of Mary,
pay it forward.
Yesterday I did that.
She was placed against a tree
near the base of a small footbridge
that curves over a creek
where she will surely be found quickly
because a footbridge and a creek are
always a draw.
On the back I wrote...to the finder...
The Jeweled Madonna
Take her if you need her comfort
And please pay her comfort forward
in your own way.
A local artist gives you this love
She looked so bright and beautiful leaning there
among Mother Nature's growth
with her own personal basket of flowers at her feet.
I know she will be loved
wherever her journey takes her.

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to follow the 12 Days of Mary


  1. Wonderful Judie. What a great thing to do. Someone will be very lucky because of the goodness in your heart,. Hopefully they will pay it forward. Beautiful piece.

  2. I believe that someday you will know of her journey. What a precious story! Thank you for doing this!

  3. Just today I read about the link between trees and the madonna - how they were seen as her shrine which makes your gesture of generosity even more fitting!

  4. I just love her and I am touched by your serendipitous generosity. It will be interesting to see, if you visit there today, whether she has gone to her new home. I must admit that if I saw her I would think she should be there permanently and would not look at the back. How I wish she had a tracker on her so we could follow her journey.

  5. What a wonderful random gift to give! Truly from the heart-I trust that it will get payed forward.

  6. wonderful; have a nice day

    much love...

  7. I love this beautiful thought as well as the gift to be picked up by whoever needs her.

  8. You are an extraordinary being Judie.
    I am completely in awe of you
    and inspired.

    I am so sorry...I know you will miss Ivonne {as you have been}
    but she is dancing now, You have had more than your share
    of loss it seems....Love you.

  9. dear judie,
    my day was a particularly long and painful one. after seven years of an all day infusion every other week i am growing overly sensitive to the placement of I.V.s. today the center was beyond crowed and the staff rushed to place their I.V. resulting in four separate I.V. insertions until they met their mark. i am sore, bruised and swollen and i share all this just to truly convey how deeply touched i am by your beauty, generosity and compassion. when i am in the infusion center i can read all your posts but not leave a comment. finally home i am so pleased to be able to share my gratitude to each of you. just know you have touched my heart deeply with your gift of comfort and love. truly you and your selfless act of caring for another lifted me above the trials of my experience to rejoice in your.
    thank you!

  10. A wonderful act of love and trust....the one who accepts the gift will be indeed fortunate. Blessings - Ruby


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