Still At It

Still working on that white wolf.
I think it's getting the best of me.
Working on Sennelier pastel card which is new for me.
It feels like scrubbing on leather,
but it's paper covered with a layer of cork...somehow.
I like the sanded paper much better.
But I'll get through it....I think!

Poor baby.  He looks kind of sad.  
I think the next layer will finalize him.
I also have another work in progress going.
Had a model for this one.
The beautiful  DAISY O.
(with permission, of course,
please visit her talented mommy).
It wont look exactly like her.
I wanted that pose, that adorable look.
This one is on Wallis sanded paper.
More fun!


Have a blessed week.


  1. Hello Judi, you draw incredibly well! May you have a blessed 2014,

  2. Hi Judie. I agree with Hettienne. Wonderful work. Have a great rest of the week.


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