Been Awhile

Yes, it's been awhile, but I'm still around.
Aside from daily life stuff,
here's a few things I've been experimenting with.
There was a local class about painting
on red canvas
so I wanted to try it.
You are supposed to let a lot of the red show through,
thereby enhancing the painting.
Not me!
I just cannot!
When I try, I cover up most of the red.
I am just not patient enough to make all the
little required strokes, and not blend, to make the
red canvas help my painting along.
But anyway, it was an experience.
Some of the little red flowers are red canvas
showing through, but one can just as
easily paint  red flowers.
I did do a thin wash on the sky and the red is
showing through there.
I tried a raw sienna base instead of red,
but I didn't refine this poor dog because
it just wasn't working out.
This one worked out a little better, but
it still was not done like it is supposed to be.
You may recognize this picture.
It's on the front of the Frederix Canvas pad.
I don't know the original source artist or I would credit.
If you want to check out this style of painting, which is FAR different
than I have done above,
google Caroline Jasper.
The correct way is interesting, but way too busy for my poor eyes.
You might have more patience and want to try it.
So................Seeya!  :)


  1. well, I love what you did with the canvas. I love the 1st and last images. I think I might try doing a portrait as you did, seeing I'm terrible at drawing or painting facial features.

  2. I like them all Judie. Love your doggie.:) Hope you are doing well. It's good that you are trying different things. ::hugs::Oh yes, have a great week.

  3. Hi Judie...cannot believe I missed a few posts!
    {I got rid of some people that were using blogger like twitter-ing and now I should see everything}
    I googled Caroline Jasper...how fortunate for you to be able to work under an "acclaimed artist" {her words, not mine}
    You have done extraordinary work out of your comfort zone!
    I am excited to get my book back...
    with art work from the acclaimed Artista Ms.Judie!
    Art needs soul:
    blood, sweat, tears and humor.,,
    and a story every now and again...
    is what makes you GRAND!
    and your birdie is cute...
    but I know you don't think of her as a bird...
    my kitties
    are some of the best PEOPLE i know.

    1. Ah, just FYI for everybody. I didn't mean to imply that I had taken a class from Caroline Jasper. I did not. I believe she had a local rep here giving the class, and my friend took it, not me. I just tried out her method when it was explained to me and I looked her up on the internet. Busy, busy paintings she does. Not calm enough for me!

  4. It's fun to try new things and you created some wonderful pieces here. Even if you think it's a "poor dog" I like it.


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