Painting Mary

This was an experiment.
I recycled an old 8X10 canvas pad, which
as you know is simply cardboard with a canvas glued on,
beginning by carefully sanding off the original art which I THINK
was an oil pastel.
Felt like it.
Then I slathered some regular gesso on it
to retooth it,  
 cut an old blue-toned artpiece I had printed on cardstock
into squares and glued it onto the dry gesso
with Weldbond, my fav glue.
After that, I covered it with a glaze of yellow ochre.
Then.....when it was thoroughly dry
I covered it with clear gesso (because
I wasn't sure if the water-based acrylics
would hold up on the cardstock),
then painted her with acrylics
and this is the result.
After this picture was scanned, I did add
a layer of mod-podge, to give it
a good seal.
I thought maybe the lines created by the overlapping
cardstock squares might detract from
the painting itself, but I kind of like it.
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  1. I LOVE HER!!!!
    fantastic, and genius!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. well done! you could look at the pieces as tiles.

  3. beautiful!! please consider linking her up with Mondays with Mary - I keep the post up for a week. Thank you for your thoughtful words on my blog. Love to you, Hettienne

  4. Dear Judie, I have taken the liberty and added your beautiful Mary to this week's Mondays with Mary here http://www.path-of-divine-love.com/2014/03/mondays-with-mary_10.html - now you are in the lucky draw for this week's giveaway. And of course, not every Monday, only when the muse calls you there! have a lovely week!

  5. She is amazing amiga. Awesome work.

  6. Just wonderful Judie. Love the texture, background, and her holding her heart.


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