Motherhood, Sweetness, Excessively Spoiled

It's that time of year again
and Ms. Wee is nesting.
Once again she has presented me with
two precious eggs
(one came on Easter Sunday)
but sadly, there is no "baby daddy".
Nevertheless, she broods them carefully.
She is pampered and scratched
 as she lays on her soft nest.
She's learned how to "milk it".
waiting every morning to be
hand fed like a baby.
A twenty-one year old baby.
Just lays there in bed waiting,
in her little corner of the kitchen,
 watching as her breakfast is prepared,
served breakfast in bed in a little white dish.
I don't mind.
She IS my baby!


  1. Judie, thank you so much for commenting at Sacred Ordinary from time to time. With Facebook I'm kind of lazy about the blog, I"m afraid. This is a very heartwarming post today. I'm adding you to my blogroll. Are you on Facebook by any chance? If so, send me an invitation. I write a lot more these days than at the blog.

  2. So precious Judie, these days of spring and honoring this little mother... I love the sweetness of this post. Thank you!


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