I have been working on a painting this past week
trying to learn a new technique.
I don't seem to have quite "got it".
I have a tendency to blend, and blend
and I don't know if I can conquer that habit.
The "get in and get  out" quick stroke eludes me.
Here's how I started.
Using a drawing of a girl sitting on a cushion that I did in a life class
some time ago, I painted her in black and white tones and built around her.
As you can see, even my underpainting is too detailed
for what I was trying to do.
I'm now thinking that impressionist/abstract probably does not even have underpaintings.
Not quite knowing where I was going with this
(just trying out a new technique)
I added some color
It needed so much more!
I felt sorry for the poor naked girl sitting there with one naked boob hanging out!
In life class, the real model didn't mind at all.
Adding this, changing that, adjusting something else,
I finally came up with this:
"The Courtesan's Overseer"
I cant go any further with it.
It didn't turn out as impressionistic or abstract as I wanted.
Obviously, I just "get into" my paintings too much.
I'll try again some time.
Maybe I can find a class.


  1. Hi Judie. I like her with the veil on. I don't know anything about the style of painting you speak of. I've a lot to learn but too lazy to learn. I just want to throw the paint on and what comes of it, comes. Actually, I haven't been using paint, it more like I'm on a kick with the P-53. Love your pieces. Sometime I wonder though why so many men gather to sketch female nudes. ??? Have a great evening Judie and take care.

  2. Judie...I LOVE that you are challenging yourself. It makes me feel so good after having struggled with something to see it through to completion. LOVE this and you my dear friend. MUAH!

  3. Hi Judie. You should post this on Paint Party Friday. It really is great piece. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I liked the shady mystery vibe in the first image and then seeing how you breathed life and energy with the subtle changes, additions and pop of colour - I can now hear the murmurs of the crowd*!*


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