Haiku - One for One

A new life begins
As we remember the old
It's the will of God
Look closely.  There is only one baby this year.
One for one.
Please visit Rebecca
for the beauty of Haiku
and from there link to Round Circle
for information about the honoring of Joe


  1. lovely haiku for HMH ~ am behind in my comments ~ Have a great weekend, xoxo

    artmusedog and carol

  2. dearest judie,
    thank you for this nest. this one for one. are you thinking of joe?
    i. am.


  3. Very nice Haiku. God bless Joe.

  4. The cycle repeats itself endlessly: old life, new life, old life, new life.

    Your photo? One chick has a better chance of surviving than three!

  5. how precious, new life! I saw a video of an eagle's nest whereas the parents had to defend their babies from a hawk, very dramatic. A camera had been set up to record 24/7 of the nest. I wish that I'd discovered it earlier so that I could have witnessed the babies bursting out of their eggs.

  6. I wish all life was reverenced as this wee chick is. Bless tbe chick; bless all life. Peace be with you.

  7. It is all a round circle. This is a lovely honor to Joe.

  8. What a beautiful haiku...and one baby is all the more precious.


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