The Cave Egg

     The Oracle sat cross legged on the rocky ground in front of the small cave opening in the side of the high mountain, her head bowed in meditation, her body still, her mind oblivious to the rustling of the wind and the gently swirling dust around her.
     Far behind her, the large, orangey colored egg lay in a narrow, dim corner of the cave where it had lain for centuries.  It was partially covered with rock dust and dried bat guano.  The splattered brown spots on its outer layer looked like something had splashed and run down its sides, then dried on it, although the spots were part of its unusual color.  Between the splashy brown, the orange of the egg seemed to slightly glow in the low light that filtered into the cave from the small opening hundreds of yards away, where the Oracle sat cross-legged on the ground keeping guard and waiting.

     Over time, the egg had many visitors, yet no one or nothing had really noticed it was even there.  The deep cave was warm and dry, and small bears, snakes, rats and of course bats came and went.  Lizards died on top of it, shriveling into dust.  Insects crawled over and around the egg, never disturbing it.  Once, before the Oracle had arrived to her assigned place, a group of humans dressed in spelunking gear and carrying bright lights had passed it without noticing that it was more than a rock tucked away in a dark corner among other large rocks and small pebbles.  And so, alone in its dusty nest, it incubated.

It's storming hard, and I had nothing else to do except dream up this quirky little flash fiction, but I can't seem to bring it to a quick close.
Can you?
All it needs is one quick paragraph to finish it.


  1. It was a magical dragon with day-glo orange embers burning inside the shell. In fact after the egg cracked open, the dragons hot breath brought fire unto the Oracle and into our world. That is why it was called magic.

  2. :) That's awesome Gemma. Love it!

  3. Oh I think I lost my comment.

  4. Okay here I go again....and so the egg was incubated and from the egg you could hear the wee chirp and the chirp knew that the next person passing by would walk in and pick up the little Miss Wee and take her home.

    :)) tee hee

  5. Oh Glor, you know where my heart lies. :)

  6. the egg opened like a fortune cookie...the slip of paper held just one word.
    LOVE. That's where it begins and ends. The alpha and the omega.

    or it could just be a chicken inside
    and that would end that age old question.

    it's a great story Judie and I like Gemma's and Gloria's endings, both.

    As a side note, I finally sent your book back home, it is amazing, really!
    All except for one sad little birdie's feet...when I was putting the picture on my blog, I noticed I forgot to finish painting her feet! I don't know where my mind is these days! Anyway, add that to your chore list...paint the priti-bird's feet.
    You should have it by Friday, so they say.
    Love you!!!


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