The Traveler Is Home!

My little traveling art journal sent around to fabulous artists in Arizona, California, and Pennsylvania (plus a bit of Florida stuff before it got on the road) is finally home with the most fantastic, awesome art between it's little pages. 
And it is (was) a little book, only about 8 x 10 or so, but now it is stuffed SO FAT I cannot close it.
How excited I was when the mailman brought it!
Like a little kid going to Disney.
"Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?"
I can't scan double pages  and my camera is broken,  but I have picked out a few single pages to show  here, so enjoy!
This sweet painting  from Tracy the Love Duv
traveling with my journal through the desert.
I know my journal is in there because
the flag says "Sisterhood of the Traveling Journal."
 Is that you inside this hippie van, Tracy?
And...this honey is getting a full dose of sunshine.
The "shine" is real sunflower seeds.  How clever is that?
Her words above her are "Hello from the valley of the sun."
Sisterhood Artist:  Tere B.
This boogy woogy bird is sent to me by the fabulous Gemma.
I chose this art of hers to show because of the bright colors, which I love.
Ms. Gemma, when I was traveling with my daughter through AZ we stopped at a little roadside tourist place that sold indian masks and tarantula paperweights, etc. (eeeek).  While we were inside, a real roadrunner paid a visit and looked in the screen door.  The lady told us it comes every day and she puts a pan of water out for it.  Sure enough, it drank and ran.
How rude is that!!
Meep Meep!
Onward, little book, to California, to meet up with
the awesome artist, Lisa O.  Lisa, I love all your pages, but you KNOW
I had to choose this bird. It is so beautiful, and the message is truth.
One MUST believe. (The bird is talking to a beauty on the other page).
One of these days I am going to make an art journal with only bird pages.
In fact.....what am I doing this afternoon?  Hmmmmmmmm

On the road again to Pennsylvania to the uber talented Priti.
I chose this one of hers (even though she also did a fabulous bird, as well as making an icon out of a paintbrush which is unbelievable) because as soon as I saw this I felt peace.  Priti Lisa's art does that for me. 
(Save me one of those strawberries, girl! We have lots of fields here too but they use chemicals!)

And last, a page of my own.
This is the greeting page as this journal started its journey.
Can you tell it was an altered Dr. Seuess book?
The book is not finished, because there are a few pages left,
and I will be filling them asap.
Thank you Ladies of the Traveling Sisterhood,
for bringing me such artistic pleasure.
Links to: 
TERE B. - I'm sorry Tere, I don't have a link to you but if you read this and send one, I would love it!

Happy Day!




  1. Your traveling journal is incredible. I love all of the pages you did...the detail and love is evident in them. All of the artists did a beautiful job. Wow! Happy Day to you too Macawhead. LOVE you so much. A Bird book would be so cool.

  2. the love everyone has for you shines through in each page.
    i was lucky enough to see all of the artwork
    {and touch it all too}
    what a treasure! and it smelled good too, like sage.
    can't wait to see what you add.

    a bird book is such a grand idea ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Wow! I love your traveling journal. I'd love to see it in person. I'm sure it's even more beautiful that it looks here.

  4. Beautiful traveling journal, Judie. Such a wonderful way to connect with friends. My 2 Cents Favs are Tracy's, Lisa's and yours. Congrats on selling some of your parrot paintings (I think they were parrots that you mentioned) and may you be blessed with sales of your Toucan paintings.


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