Friday Haiku - The Lesson

He lived life alone
But he taught himself so much
Making life happy
There is an old, thin book called Jonathan Livingston Seagull written in the 1970's by Richard Bach.
It's a simple allegory well worth reading, and is a huge lesson in life. I think I've read this little book twenty times, and each time it makes me smile and soar in the imaginary wind with Jonathan.  If you get a chance to read it, you won't regret it.  If you already have, then you understand. 

Now, to make things a little more colorful,
here are two pieces of art I'm working on.
More upcycled wood with my favorite subject....
I sold several of the Pelicans so I'm trying the Toucans.
Just making life as happy as I can. Thanks, Jonathan.
acrylic on wood
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  1. dearest judie,
    your courage and quest for inner happiness touches me deeply. i love that you take time to look inward and allow time to express outwardly. you are a living inspiration to the continuum of awareness, the attraction to light, the will to love.

  2. dearest judie,
    i love that while i was here leaving you a comment straight from my heart you were at recuerda mi corazon leaving me such a deep offering of encouragement and love. thank you for being in my life with such compassion and goodness. thank you for seeing my coming undone as a brave and gorgeous opening. i am being deeply challenged in the physical world. thank goodness love lifts us up beyond our pain and suffering. thank you judie for reaching out and caring so deeply for those around you, i am so grateful to be just one.

  3. Your pelicans are divine Judie. Great work!

  4. I remember that book but I'm not sure I ever read it, must do so. Love those toucans!

  5. Dear Judie, Your haiku brings it all back to me... I love that book. When ever I see a lone seagull flying over I always ask, "are you Jonathan?" I think Richard Bach is in my bones. Have you read his Curious Lives: Adventures from the Ferret Chronicles? I also love your toucans. They look like they could take a peanut right from my hand...

  6. Many moons ago I got a seagull tattooed on my back after reading JLS. It is on my skin and in my bones as well.

  7. I remember Jonathon Livingston Seagull! I think I still have a copy somewhere...I'll have to look for it now.
    LOVE your bird art!!

  8. Toucans may not know what happiness is, but it makes me happy just to look at your paintings---what joy!

    A Suitcase Heavy with Pearls

  9. beautiful; haiku and birds

    much love...

  10. There is an art to living alone, which, apparently, the person in your poem has mastered.


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