Twenty-nine faces....well no, just two

Here is my second one.  Geesh!  I'm already a day behind!


Face in the Clouds

.....and.........................Google is giving me so much trouble so I'm dropping out.  :(
Supposed to be a "no stress" blog!

I tried this 29 faces once before and was unable to keep it up every day.   So I'll try again, at least knowing it will not be every day, but probably more like once or twice a week.   
Here is a link to
in case you want to join in.
This is my first one.


  1. Oh I love her. She is being very thoughtful. The splashes of color are amazing Judie. Awesome! Glad you will be popping in from time to time. Me too, when I can I will. Martha makes it exciting, she's awesome. Have a great week Judie.:)

  2. Judie, you forgot to post your blog on Ayala's blog so others can come and see your beautiful work.

  3. what a great piece of art, love her face

  4. WONDERFUL. She is a fragile beauty. I have done the faces challenge before.
    Have so much fun!

  5. Very Beautiful Judie...love them both but the one in the clouds I'm sure we can all relate to ...I used to love finding faces in the clouds as a child!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Beautiful, Judie!! I wish I had the "whatever" to do this challenge. I love drawing faces but when I know I'm supposed to do one each day I just freeze up.

  7. Love the faces in the clouds. Awesome. Yes, blogger is giving me problems too. I'm trying to hang in there.

  8. Lovely, love much the second portrait.
    Greeting from Belgium.

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    Honors costumes Opera with the textiles museum of Lyon

    * http://louisette.eklablog.com/-p842116
    Mons in Belgium My city

  9. We all need a comforter in times of distress---or collision! ;)

    Cutting Winter Wood


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