The diamond she wore
Sparkled with bright rainbow hues
But her heart was dark

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And other poetic verse:


I watched a soft, white feather
lift and twist in front of an unseen breeze.
It rose from the ground in a silent protest,
unable to resist.

Catching the sunlight in its warm center,
the feather briefly reflected soft, rainbow hues
against the white of its self,
turning, swirling,
wrapped in the embrace of its captor.

The gentle breeze, tiring of the game,
brought the down feather tenderly to my feet,
a gift of nature.
I watched in whispering silence
as the softness settled in the grass,
the breeze passing by in search of another tumbler.
And I felt a sense of peace.

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  1. Judy ~ lovely haiku ~ well penned and love the peaceful poem of nature ~ beautiful!

    artmusedog and carol ~ A Creative Harbor
    Happy Weekend to you!

  2. The diamond and the feather both reflect rainbow colors. However the diamond leaves her with a dark heart while the feather brings a sense of peace. Sometimes simple is best.

  3. Me anon again...a google thing

  4. such beautiful words - I love, love, love haiku!

  5. Such a startling haiku! Love it!

  6. amazing haiku about such a fragile entity.

  7. love.this.and understand it far too well.

    outside of haiku my heart, i have taken a year off from social media to practice silence, to take time to look deeply within. suddenly it is october and i feel myself resurfacing. what better way to return to the world of blogging then to share the art of remembering. i hope you will join me in this deeply meaning time of acknowledging our loved ones. xo

  8. dear judie...i've been gone too long, too absorbed in my life and
    all of the chaos that comes from loving others...life is such a ride, is it not?
    your blog is such a gentle place to fall~if only for a moment...
    today you have whispered 'slow-down' with your poetry.
    you and ms. wee have made me laugh! how cute that she gets a bath!
    why didn't that ever occur to me that she would?
    your artwork~
    hand-crafted & hand-painted~
    always wonderful! {like your header picture`LOVE!}
    and the osprey...
    she reminded me of my favorite book
    from so long ago...osprey island, do you know it?
    i promise not to stay away for so long,
    i promise...

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  10. I have so many accolades for you today. First, I love your header! Is that your painting? It looks like your style. Your paintings make it look so easy, but we can never copy anyone, because each individual soul infuses the work with its personality. If it makes me want to go there, then it's a good painting :D

    What kind of woman is that; with such a big, beautiful diamond and a dark heart? Maybe gazing into the fiery facets will reflect some light into her depressed spirit; or, maybe returning the diamond to the unwelcome suitor will brighten her day!

    You have penned such beautiful personification in "Feather," and I like the free verse, and the free-wheeling feeling of peace that carries the reader along the path with the feather, to the end.

  11. Thanks for visiting my very delayed blog, It has been a chaotic time. I may get in once a month for now, but i peak around at others as i can. Thx! L


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